Defence acquires its goods and services through standard Commonwealth procurement arrangements, such as tenders, standing offers and procurement panels. All of these are broadcast on AusTender.

While there are direct supply opportunities to Defence, most opportunities are in the supply chains of the prime defence contractors.

Procurement types

To find the right opportunity for your business you need to understand where your products and services fit into Defence procurements.

  • Acquisition procurements - require goods and services that can be integrated into Defence platforms or used by Defence personnel on operations, such as vehicles and submarines.
  • Sustainment procurements - relate to ongoing servicing, maintenance, upkeep and repair of current Defence capabilities and platforms.
  • Commercial procurements - cover a range of goods and services such as health services, logistics services, training, travel, information technology, stationery and personal protective equipment.
  • Estate management and infrastructure services - is the maintenance of Defence facilities, establishments and training areas, and a range of construction services.
  • Research and innovation - Defence’s innovation programs seek research and technological innovations that will provide an advantage to Defence capability.

Procurement information

The Defence Portfolio Budget Statements (PBS) provide a detailed breakdown of how the budget will be spent by Defence. The PBS documents are an excellent source of information for businesses looking to understand upcoming business opportunities.

Planned procurement opportunities valued over $1 million are published in the Defence Annual Procurement Plan.

A number of business areas in Defence publish information about how to do business with them, including:

Find out what the defence capability requirements are and their industry policies

Find out what opportunities there are when you're looking to supply to defence.