The concept addresses the question:

How does the Australian Defence Force (ADF) deliver logistics functions to create advantage in the future, and how can the ADF work with coalition, industry and academic partners to counter potential threats to the Defence Logistics Enterprise?

What does the concept look to enable?

The Concept for Future Logistics looks to enable support to the ADF’s operations by working with coalition, industry and academic partners to develop a ‘survivable, assured, resilient and adaptive’ Defence Logistics Enterprise. To support this outcome, a series of ability statements are addressed which drive future force design considerations aligned to four broad themes:

  • workforce reshaping and reskilling
  • force design
  • capability acquisition and sustainment
  • interoperability

Who is this concept intended for?

This document is intended to be used by those across Defence, industry, academia, and our partner nations involved in:

  • operational planning
  • force design
  • capability acquisition
  • experimentation and force exploration
  • delivery of professional military education and training

The Force Exploration Hub would like to thank those who provided input to the concept.

Go to the Defence website to access the Concept for Future Logistics.

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