Businesses wanting to be Defence-ready can now self-nominate to join the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) without the need for a Defence contract.

In addition, businesses no longer need separate memberships for each Defence contract, and can sponsor their own employees’ security clearances up to NV2.

The new DISP, launched on 9 April, strengthens Defence security practices in partnership with industry, providing better protection of sensitive and classified information and securing industrial intellectual property.

Existing DISP members have 24 months to re-apply for membership under the new DISP. As part of the application Defence will consolidate multiple memberships under a single entity membership.

Businesses are required to hold an appropriate level of DISP membership when:

  • working on sensitive or classified information or assets
  • storing or transporting Defence weapons or explosive ordnance
  • providing security services for Defence bases and facilities
  • there is a Defence business requirement

The new DISP offers four levels of industry membership to better align with governance, physical, personnel and cyber security classifications:

  • Entry level – Unclassified/DLM
  • Level 1 – Protected
  • Level 2 – Secret
  • Level 3 – Top Secret

The new DISP is a significant reform led by the Defence Security and Vetting Service in partnership with industry and Defence stakeholders.

Find out about the new DISP and how to join at the Defence Industry Security Program website.