The Defence Business Readiness Tool (DBRT) has been designed for industry by industry for the benefit of key users including:

  • Small and medium enterprises (SMEs)
  • Defence industry associations
  • Prime contractors
  • Department of Defence.

The DBRT is a secure, stand-alone web-based system that allows SMEs to assess themselves against industry best-practices for defence suppliers, help them understand what it means to be ‘Defence Ready’ and prioritise actions to help them grow their Defence business capability.

The DBRT guides SMEs through an interactive questionnaire to measure defence business readiness in four criteria including:

  • Leadership
  • Products and services
  • Business capture
  • Business processes.

SMEs can use the DBRT to complete the interactive questionnaire anonymously to receive a provisional Defence Readiness Report, or register for a DBRT account to receive a Full Defence Readiness Report and gain access to the services provided by DBRT Mentors.

DBRT Mentors

DBRT Mentors are experienced parties who have agreed to provide assistance to SMEs developing their Defence readiness. DBRT Mentors include Office of Defence Industry Support (ODIS) personnel, Defence industry associations and Defence Prime Contractors.

DBRT Mentors may offer the following services to SMEs:

  • Assist SMEs with completing and/or reviewing their DBRT assessments
  • Provide advice to SMEs on how to improve their defence readiness
  • Invite SMEs to register in a Prime Contractor’s Defence supply chain process
  • Deliver other services and insights to help SMEs progress into Defence supply chains

SMEs can choose to connect and share their DBRT assessments with one or more DBRT Mentors. The DBRT is free for SMEs, and there is no fee for connecting SMEs and DBRT Mentors.

Secure environment

The DBRT is hosted in a secure cloud environment and meets the security requirements that are set out in the Australian Government Information Security Manual.


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