Minister for Defence Industry Melissa Price said 10 new Defence Innovation Hub contracts demonstrated Australia’s capacity to drive the development of advanced technologies for Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel.

'These contracts will enable the development of promising technologies that could help protect and sustain Australian personnel in the field.'

Minister for Defence Industry, the Hon Melissa Price MP

The contracts include a:

  • $3.7 million contract with Queensland company Downer EDI Engineering for technologies to counter improvised explosive devices
  • $2.7 million contract with New South Wales company Spearpoint Solutions for a digital combat helmet
  • $3.1 million in contracts with Victorian company Defendtex for next generation body armour and a lightweight modular shotgun systems
  • $3.3 million contract with the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology to invest in advance power storage and generation technologies

The contracts also include $1.9 million for West Australian company Techventure Investments to develop a lightweight high-performance projectile, and $1 million for researchers from the University of Western Australia to develop secure communications system components.

'These investments demonstrate the importance of Defence’s partnership with the Australian defence industry and innovation sector, and how we can work together to improve capabilities and support available to our ADF personnel.'

Minister for Defence Industry, the Hon Melissa Price MP

How do I submit a proposal?

Industry and research organisations can submit innovation proposals through the Defence Innovation Portal.

10 new contracts awarded by the Defence Innovation Hub

Organisation State Contract value incl.GST Description of innovation
Downer EDI Engineering Power Pty Ltd QLD $3.7 million To explore next generation integrated counter improvised explosive device technologies to improve Army combatant survivability in complex contested environments.
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology VIC $3.3 million To develop a smaller lightweight deployable power storage technology for operational environments. .
SYPAQ Systems Pty Ltd VIC $2.9 million To develop an enhanced imaging capability for diverse applications within a range of military operational environments, using advanced electro-optical sensors across a band of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Spearpoint Solutions & Technology Pty Ltd NSW $2.7 million To develop an integrated digital soldier combat helmet system, to provide the future soldier with a significant cutting edge capability advantage.
Techventure Investments Pty Ltd WA $1.9 million To develop a lighter high-velocity long range projectile for the Australian Army.
Florestan Technology Pty Ltd NSW $1.8 million To develop a multi-fuel, lightweight portable power generation system for operational environments.
Defendtex Research Labs Pty Ltd VIC $1.6 million To develop a lightweight modular shotgun rifle weapon system for improved tactical versatility.
Defendtex Research Labs Pty Ltd VIC $1.5 million To develop a next generation body armour with increased ballistics protection.
The University of Western Australia WA $1 million To develop a small lightweight communications system component that will improve performance and accuracy over existing capabilities.
BIA5 Pty Ltd QLD $670 000 To develop an innovative electronic trip flare device for Australian soldiers on the modern battlefield.