This project will deliver specialist training in complex project management to 227 project managers, engineers, and other project professionals from the International Centre for Complex Project Management’s (ICCPM’s) Membership. In turn, this project will support the improved performance of complex defence projects.

This is the first time that project management has been included in the list of skills eligible for Skilling Australia’s Defence Industry (SADI) funding, reflecting a growing awareness within Defence of the need for highly skilled project professionals to achieve the objectives outlined in the Defence Industrial Capability Plan.

ICCPM is thrilled to be able to help Australian SMEs build their organisational capability in the delivery of complex projects and position themselves to deliver higher value projects.

Collin Smith, ICCPM Managing Director & CEO

Skilling Australia’s Defence SMEs to Manage Complex Projects

Skilling Australia’s Defence SMEs to Manage Complex Projects is being delivered in collaboration with Team Downer MSP. Through this Corporate Partnership ICCPM will support the organisational development of a number of defence sector small to medium enterprises (SMEs) the application of skills to defence projects.

The project will deliver specialist training in complex project management to senior project professionals from a number of SMEs supporting Defence from within the Australian space sector. Building skills in complex project management within these companies will not only support the improved performance of defence projects, but it will support the growth of Australia’s emerging space economy.

The following ICCPM courses have been made available under the project:

  • Certificate IV in Responding to Project Complexity (10916NAT)
  • Identify and Respond to Complexity in Project Environments (NAT10916001)
  • Effective Stakeholder Engagement for Improved Project Management in Complex Defence Projects
  • Essential Skills for Navigating Project Complexity (includes complex project simulation)

What is ICCPM?

ICCPM is the international peak body for complex project management. It was established in 2007 by the Australian Department of Defence with support from the UK and Canadian Departments of Defence in response to an identified need to improve the performance of complex projects, and the realisation that foundational project management methodology is insufficient in complex projects and programs.

Where can I find out more?

To find out more about this project, contact ICCPM.

To learn more about the Skilling Australia’s Defence Industry (SADI) grant, visit the SADI page.