The Defence Innovation Hub has awarded contracts with a combined value of $15.1 million to nine Australian businesses and universities to develop their innovative technologies.

Organisation Contract value Description of innovation
Western Sydney University $5.4 million To explore the application of advanced neuromorphic sensing technology to deliver detailed imaging capabilities to ground and satellite based sensing systems. This technology has the potential to enhance Australian and allied space situational awareness capabilities.
University of Adelaide $3.0 million Development of an active exhaust silencer for diesel engines.
DefendTex Pty Ltd $3.0 million To develop and test the application of sustained supercavitation technology. Projectiles equipped with this technology can enhance subsurface defensive capabilities through countering minefields and inbound torpedos.
Agent Oriented Software Pty Ltd $1.5 million To demonstrate real-time coordination of intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance assets, including unmanned drones and autonomous vehicles.
Marathon Targets Pty Ltd $1.1 million To develop an autonomous vehicle target to enhance close combat training by replicating realistic actions of adversaries.
Safran Electronics & Defense Australasia Pty Ltd $308,000 To enhance the performance of infrared search and track systems, improving the detection of targets in coastal environments.
BlueZone Group Pty Ltd $275,000 To demonstrate that unmanned surface vehicles can enhance underwater and anti-submarine warfare capability.
Defence Materials Technology Centre Ltd (DMTC) $272,000 In partnership with Thales Australia Ltd, DMTC will undertake a research and development program with the aim of providing technical advancements to the soldier lethality system, specifically small-arms capability.
Inovor Technologies Pty Ltd $272,000 To develop sovereign satellite capabilities through enhanced image and object detection.

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