Boeing Defence Australia is conducting market searches through the ICN Gateway to identify Australian industry capability in space and satellite communication and to support the development of the Boeing Rotorcraft Network – Australia (BRN-A).

Interested Australian suppliers are encouraged to complete or update an ICN Gateway registration profile and register their interest for specific work packages.

Space and Satellite Communication

Boeing is undertaking market research to gain a full understanding of the depth and breadth of space and satellite communication capability in Australia.

Boeing’s space-related defence programs include the Boeing-built Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) and IS-22 satellites used by the Australian Defence Force and the Currawong Battlespace Communications System. This includes Australian-developed satellite terminals for accessing the WGS network.

Boeing Australia is also developing innovative approaches to astronaut training, spacecraft design and crew health that will be transitioned to the United States.

How do I get involved?

Boeing Space and Satellite Communications Network - Australia

By registering your business, Boeing will be made aware of your capabilities and the potential for these to contribute to current and future space and satellite communications projects delivered by Boeing Defence Australia.

Boeing Rotorcraft Network - Australia

Boeing is developing the Boeing Rotorcraft Network – Australia (BRN-A) to deliver proven sovereign sustainment and training services and build capacity and capability through a select network of Australian industry partners. To support this, the company is conducting a market search to understand the depth and breadth of rotary wing sustainment and training capability in Australia.

Boeing has delivered sustainment and training services on rotorcraft programs since 2010 where they provided sustainment services on the Australian Army’s CH-47D fleet and Chinook training to Australian Army personnel under the Army Aviation Training & Training Support contract.

Today, their key programs in Australia are the Chinook Integrated Sustainment Services contract for:

  • in-country engineering
  • supply-chain
  • training and maintenance services
  • Helicopter Aircrew Training System

In addition to current programs, Boeing is offering the AH-64E Apache under the LAND4503 program. The ARH replacement program will replace the Australian Army’s existing ARH with 29 airframes supported by mature, low risk support services.

How do I get involved?

Boeing Rotorcraft Network - Australia

By identifying your organisation through this registration process, Boeing will be able to gain a more thorough understanding of the capabilities resident in Australia to assist in building the BRN-A and support further engagement for opportunities that might arise within both current and future projects supported by Boeing.