About the Franchise Disclosure Register

The Franchise Disclosure Register is a free self-service tool to help prospective franchisees make informed decisions before entering into a franchise agreement.

From 15 November 2022, prospective franchisees will be able to search, view and compare information and contact a franchisor about opportunities to buy into the franchise.

What franchisors need to do

If you're a franchisor, you need to create a franchise profile and publish key disclosure information about your franchise on the Franchise Disclosure Register by 14 November 2022.

You can log in now using your Digital Identity to:

  • learn about the Franchise Disclosure Register
  • understand your regulatory requirements
  • create a franchise profile and upload key information.

Creating and maintaining a public presence on the Franchise Disclosure Register is part of complying with the Franchising Code of Conduct. Failure to comply can result in penalties.

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