March 2023 funding offers

Applicant name Project title Grant amount (ex GST) Organisation state
Admix Pty. Ltd. Commercialising a design optimisation tool for engineers and manufacturers $234,306.00 VIC
Agora Square Pty Ltd Cutting the fat out of Australian livestock markets $550,000.00 WA
Agrihive Pty Ltd Agrihive - Farmer-facing business insights for global ESG impact $497,400.00 QLD
Allegro Energy Pty Ltd Pilot-scale manufacturing of next generation supercapacitors $500,000.00 NSW
Augment Health Solutions Pty Ltd Atidia surgical risk prediction algorithms commercialisation project $469,122.00 VIC
Aurabox Pty Ltd Aurabox - Medical Imaging Collaboration Platform $499,072.00 ACT
Cardihab Pty Ltd C.R.O.P.S - impact via health data and augmented intelligence in care $782,768.00 QLD
Damage Newco Pty Ltd Vision AI platform for claims assessment and repair estimation. $408,965.00 NSW
Dewpoint Innovations Pty Ltd Commercialising Next Generation Advanced Coating Technology $427,250.00 NSW
Disco Development Pty Ltd Novel software platform for advanced e-commerce engagement $479,677.00 VIC
Ecoboxtec Pty Ltd Commercial Trials for Ecoboxtec Smart Reverse Vending Machine $799,646.00 QLD
Electrogenics Laboratories Ltd Electrogenics MOSkin – an innovative therapeutic radiation dosimeter $689,668.00 NSW
Exergenics Trading Pty Ltd Exergenics Machine Learning Chilled Water Plant Optimisation Software $656,200.00 VIC
Get Mee Pty Ltd. Communication coaching AI to help people with English as a second language $399,012.00 VIC
Glaciem Cooling Technologies Pty Ltd. Climate Friendly Cooling System for Supermarkets and Fast Food Outlets $516,165.00 SA
Global Aquatica (Aust.) Pty Ltd Global Aquatica (Aust.) BioAqua Water Treatment Plant - Mount Morgan $1,000,000.00 VIC
GridQube Pty Ltd GridQube Level-Up $670,600.00 QLD
Jevons Robotics Pty Limited Jevons Robotics Autonomous Blast Hole Loading and Stemming $1,000,000.00 WA
Kmstech Pty. Ltd. Digital Hands-On Skill Transfer at Scale through Digital Workflows $667,685.00 QLD
Lactamo Holdings Pty Ltd Preparing Lactamo to launch in the key target market of India. $365,783.00 NSW
LEON Energy Pty Ltd Off-grid Flywheel Energy Storage Stand Alone Power System $325,000.00 NSW
Licorice App Pty Ltd Commercialisation of AI-Scheduling for Efficient IT Service Delivery $391,838.00 SA
LYRO Robotics Pty Ltd A multi-produce, intelligent packing robot $797,441.00 QLD
MMAPT Robotics Pty Ltd MMAPT Robotic Product Photography $749,822.00 SA
Monsoon Aquatics Pty Ltd Aquaculture system for Coral Stage 2 $528,848.00 QLD
Neurotologix Pty Ltd Remote patient monitoring for dizziness and vertigo $786,761.00 WA
Noble Hill Pty Limited Neuron Commercial Building SaaS Project $398,750.00 NSW
Peoplebench Pty Ltd PeopleBench: Australian SaaS to address the global school workforce crisis $659,300.00 QLD
Pioneera Group Pty Ltd Commercialisation of Pioneera’s Indie for Enterprise Customers $345,961.00 NSW
Seonix Pty Ltd Development of SightScore – a genetic risk score for glaucoma $471,168.00 SA
Smart Mcs Pty Ltd Automated Production Line of Smart Microcarriers for Upscaling Cultivation $313,415.00 NSW
Space Services Australia Pty Ltd Digital Twin API for Sustainable Operation of Spacecraft at Scale $478,383.00 ACT
TechNol Pty Ltd A unique fire monitoring and suppression system for combine harvesters $297,461.00 WA
Teknix Pty Ltd Novel IoT spray tracking platform from Teknix $339,880.00 QLD
The Yume App Pty Ltd Digitising the inventory clearance process for the food and beverage sector $366,560.00 VIC
Visibuild Pty Ltd Validating the Visibuild Quality Assurance Software Platform $484,007.00 VIC
Wise Sustainability Pty Ltd Game-changing decarbonising/energy saving system for tourist accommodation $355,948.00 ACT

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