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July 2020 funding offers

Applicant Name Project Title Grant Amount (ex GST)
Codestream Solutions Pty Ltd Commercialisation of a novel real-time flood forecasting technology $770,396
Digispectro Pty Ltd compleXion wand: high tech, mobile, affordable spectrophotometer/CPU $393,985
Eudaemon Technologies Pty Ltd Engineering Validation of the Next Generation Condom $527,900
Field Orthopaedics Pty Ltd Providing An All-Encompassing Solution to Extremity Orthopaedics $800,316
Functionally Pty Ltd Intelligent organisation chart scenario and work design software $598,232
Infusion Innovations Pty Ltd Single-use portable electronic infusion device $490,000
Lucky Health Ptd Ltd Commercialising the Perx digital health platform into the US market $299,500
Organic Holdings Pty Ltd High-quality frozen paneer product for Australian and export markets $320,731
PHM Technology Pty Ltd Syndrome Diagnostics - Causation-based AI for Predictive Maintenance $778,135
Safe Ag Systems Pty Ltd Real-time digital certification tool for Agriculture $614,391
Capsular Technologies Pty Ltd Commercialisation of single-dose biopolymer vaccine delivery platform $165,000
C & J Lab Pty Ltd Commercialisation of Feed Additives for Animal Feed Industry $250,000
Flip Screen Australia Pty Ltd Revolutionary Hammerhead crusher for mining and recycling industries $824,791
genomiQa Pty Ltd Universal Cancer Diagnostic - Whole Genome Analysis $479,405
Kynd Pty Ltd Disability Support User and Staff Personalised Matching Platform $492,225
MGA Thermal Pty Ltd Pilot Manufacturing Plant for MGA Thermal Energy Storage Modules $495,600
Solar and Storage Modelling Pty Ltd Operationalise and globally scale wind and temperature nowcasting $580,735
University of Melbourne Halo: resonance imaging microscopy to see tiny transparent objects $200,000
VAPAR Innovation Pty Ltd Automated fault detection in water piped infrastructure $490,000
Workforce Health Assessors Pty Ltd Quescreen - an innovative human risk solution $358,292
Zelo Trading Pty Ltd ZeloPay early invoice payments platform for small-to-medium enterprises $282,159

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Portfolio companies

The Accelerating Commercialisation Portfolio is made up of high performance companies that have received a grant in the last 2 years.

The Portfolio:

  • offers high performance companies with commercialisation and partnering opportunities
  • is a resource for those who want to partner with high-potential, innovative Australian small and medium sized businesses

The Portfolio list includes the business name, web address, project location, market and technology type, and a summary of the funded project.

The Alumni list provides the details of former successful Portfolio companies and their funded project.