A design right protects the overall visual appearance of new and distinctive products. The overall visual appearance can be a combination of visual features including:

  • shape
  • colour
  • configuration
  • pattern
  • ornamentation.

A design right may allow you to prevent others from using the design without your permission. You have exclusive rights to use, licence and sell the design.

How long does protection last?

You can have a design right registered for a maximum of 10 years. A design right initially lasts for 5 years from the date you apply and you can renew your design right so that it lasts for a further 5 years.

How to get a design right

There is a 2 step process to secure a design right protection:

  1. Registration
  2. Certification

You need to complete both steps to legally enforce your design right. For your best chance of protecting your design, it’s important to not go public with your design until you have applied for design right protection.

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