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Company names explained

A company is a type of business structure. When you set up a company, you create a legal entity that’s separate from you.

A company has different legal, financial and record keeping responsibilities compared to other business structures, so it’s important you know what’s involved.

Find out more about running a company, and what to consider before you register.

Choose a company name

When you register a company you can choose a name for the company, although it is not compulsory. You can use either:

  • a name you've chosen for your new company
  • a name that you've already reserved with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC), or
  • your Australian Company Number (ACN) once it has been issued

If you decide to use a company name, it must show the legal status of the company. For example “My Business Pty Ltd”.

You can only choose a company name not already registered to another company or as a business name.

Register your company

You can register your company and other key business registrations through the Business Registration Service. Before you register, make sure you:

  • choose a company name
  • decide whether your company will be proprietary or public
  • understand your legal obligations
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