There are many ways you can find and get help for your business. Our suggestions below are simply to get you started.

Talk with us directly

We understand operating a business can be complex and it can be overwhelming trying to find the right information.

Our support team can:

  • provide information and support to businesses affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • help you find information about government grants, programs and services
  • provide information to help you start, run or grow your business
  • assist you to use the online Business Registration Service

We’re available from 8am - 8pm, Monday to Friday, across Australia.

Talk to one of our experts over the phone, live webchat or email. We’re ready to help you find the information you need.

Network with your peers through events and workshops

Attend networking events and workshops to help you:

  • stay up-to-date on industry and local information
  • promote your business
  • learn key skills from other businesses

The business workshops and seminars cover topics such as:

  • planning for your business
  • record keeping and budgeting
  • understanding design and your intellectual property (IP)

Find an event near you or online.

Find grants and financial help

While the government generally doesn’t offer funding to start a business, there may be other forms of assistance available to help you.

Try searching for activities that suit your business, such as research and development, trade, innovation or employment.

Use our tool to find grants, funding or assistance programs to help your business succeed.

Find financial services and support.

Outsource tasks

Outsourcing some tasks may be more efficient than trying to do everything yourself. Tasks that are time-consuming or require specific skills may be better in the hands of a contractor or business that specialises in that field. For example, many businesses outsource for their website design, bookkeeping or information technology needs.

Talk to a business adviser

You don’t have to do it alone — working with an experienced business adviser or expert can help solve business problems, connect you to funding and grow your industry networks.

Chat to a business adviser or expert online, over the phone or face-to-face — some mobile advisers can even visit your business.

Use our adviser search to find a business expert near you.

You can also contact your local Business Enterprise Centre to help you find a business mentor near you.

Government services

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Ombudsman services

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Want more?

Use our Guide to starting a business to help you get your business started.