CRC Round 24

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CRC for Zero Net Emissions from Agriculture

Grant Funding (GST excl): $87,000,000 over 10 years

Partner Contributions: $213,938,628 (cash and in-kind)

The Australian agricultural industry firmly grasps the need to achieve net zero emissions, but requires substantial support to build capacity, manage risk and safeguard profitability during the transition. The Zero Net Emissions from Agriculture CRC, a nationwide, Industry-led, coordinated effort, will develop, de-risk and scale technologies to reduce methane emissions from grazing cattle and sheep, and develop strategies to reduce broadacre and horticulture value chain emissions. The CRC will deliver standardised, trusted guidelines, metrics, and benchmarking tools to monitor on-farm emissions. Together, CRC partners will accelerate Australian agriculture’s transition to net zero and beyond by 2050.

Solving Plastic Waste CRC

Grant Funding (GST excl): $40,000,000 over 10 years

Partner Contributions: $101,444,830 (cash and in-kind)

The Solving Plastic Waste CRC will ensure that focused, industry-driven collaboration between the research sector, governments and the entire plastics value chain is effectively enabled over the next decade to transform the way plastic products are designed, manufactured, used, recovered, and recycled, and how microplastic soil pollution is remediated. This will be achieved by developing improved product designs, new materials, technologies, and processes, and by exploring new business models and economic systems. It will accelerate Australia’s progress towards its targets of eliminating plastic pollution, establishing a circular and climate neutral economy for plastics, and growing a competitive, sustainable advanced manufacturing sector.

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