The Gig Worker Support Service is committed to improving fairness and support for gig workers. They can provide information and advice or make a referral to other services to help resolve disputes. This service can also help gig workers to:

  • understand rights, protections and entitlements under workplace and related laws
  • make informed decisions about working for a platform
  • resolve work disputes, by putting gig workers in touch with Government agencies and other services.

The Gig Worker Support Service is for gig workers and platforms in all industries. Gig work is well established in:

  • transportation
  • food delivery
  • disability support and aged care.

Gig work is also increasingly common in a wide variety of industries, including:

  • creative industries (such as graphic design, writing, photography, and videography)
  • information technology (such as coding, and software development)
  • psychological counselling
  • domestic services (such as cleaning and home maintenance).
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