For over 25 years AusIndustry has continued to be a valuable hub, nurturing partnerships and networks, providing information and connections to help navigate local, state and Australian government support to get the best for each business.  

AusIndustry works with businesses every day and is connected to regions, communities and industries and enable government engagement with businesses.

Business outreach network

AusIndustry operates a network of 30 Regional Managers across the country who are connected to regions, communities and industries and provide a local business connection. 

Regional Managers provide impartial, trusted guidance tailored to local businesses. 

Regional Managers will take time to listen and understand business needs and identify government support mechanisms to enable growth opportunities. They nurture partnerships and networks, provide connections, and help businesses navigate local, state and federal government. 

More than 80% of all businesses in Australia are within 60km of an AusIndustry Regional Manager.  

Support for Indigenous businesses

AusIndustry is building its capability to better support Indigenous businesses in accessing market opportunities through our Regional Managers.

AusIndustry aims to provide more opportunities, connections and networks across the economy which will improve economic opportunities for First Nations people and communities and create a positive economic impact for the Australian economy. 

Locations of our network

Map of Australia showing where the AusIndustry Regional Managers are
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AusIndustry insights for policy makers

Do you work in government and want business insights to inform your decision making?

AusIndustry’s timely, place-based business intelligence provides unique insight into local conditions and the impact of government policies and programs on the ground.  

The insights can add significant value to policy and program work by: 

  • sharing business experiences in near real-time, including during natural disasters, supply chain disruptions and other business continuity events
  • illustrating data trends and building a narrative, including through the use of compelling real-life examples
  • supporting business engagement and reducing duplication of efforts by sharing what businesses have already told us on particular topics.

AusIndustry shares regular business insights with more than 800 stakeholders across local, state and Australian governments to assist with policy challenges and improve program delivery.

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