The Australian anti-dumping system

The anti-dumping system addresses the importation of goods dumped into Australia. This is where goods are sold to Australia, below their normal value. The sale price is usually subsidised or is the market price in the country of manufacture and can cause material injury to Australian industry.

The Australian Government can impose dumping and/or countervailing duties on these goods. The anti-dumping system can affect:

  • Australian manufacturers
  • importers
  • end users of foreign goods.

The Anti-Dumping Commission (the commission) administers the anti-dumping system. It investigates claims that anti-dumping measures are required, and runs other related activities.

The Anti-Dumping Review Panel (ADRP) reviews, upon application, certain decisions made by the minister or by the Commissioner.

The ITRA Service is not part of the commission or the ADRP and does not act on their behalf.

What you get

We primarily assist manufacturers and producers to prepare applications for:

  • anti-dumping or countervailing investigations
  • circumvention investigations
  • continuation inquiries.

We also assist importers prepare applications for:

  • duty assessments
  • exemptions.

Other activities we can assist with:

  • reviews of measures
  • reviews to the Anti-dumping Review Panel
  • helping manufacturers and importers develop submissions to the Anti-Dumping Commission for ongoing cases
  • assisting manufacturers and importers develop submissions to the Anti-Dumping Review Panel for ongoing reviews
  • raising awareness about how the anti-dumping system works
  • advising on general anti-dumping and countervailing matters.

We are a general advice and assistance service only and cannot act as a consultant, agent or advocate for SMEs. We will not make representations to the Commission or the Anti-dumping Review Panel on behalf of SMEs.

We do not provide legal advice. SMEs should obtain their own independent legal advice.

SMEs are responsible for managing and processing their Anti-dumping matter. SMEs requiring assistance with applications and submissions must lead the preparation of those documents.

Who the service is for

Any Australian registered business (holding an Australian business number), that is an SME. An ‘SME’ is a business that has 200 or less full-time staff in total (where a business is part of a group of businesses, this number is for the group combined).

The ITRA Service may be able to help you if you are an Australian manufacturing business that:

  • completes at least one substantial process of manufacture in Australia
  • faces competition from goods imported into Australia
  • believes the goods imported into Australia are sold cheaper than in their original market, and
  • believes the low price of goods affects your industry’s sales volume and price.

The service may also be able to assist you if you are an Australian importer affected by the Anti-Dumping system.

We are not limited to helping Australian manufacturers who want anti-dumping measures to be enforced. We assist all SMEs affected by the anti-dumping system, including importers that buy overseas goods.

How much it costs

The ITRA Service is a free service to SMEs.

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