Innovate to Grow

Innovate to Grow is a free 10-week program for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) who want to progress their research and development opportunities, or are in the early decision-making stages about engaging in research and development.

Application detail:

Upcoming courses and intake time-frames will vary depending on the industry.

What do you get?

Research and development support.

Who is this for?

Australian small-to-medium businesses.


Various courses are offered across a range of high priority sectors. Each course has individual intake streams for different sectors. Support is available for applicants to help them:

  • refine their innovation challenge questions
  • assess the viability of their innovations
  • build their business case
  • prepare a strong funding application.

Expected outcomes of this course include:

  • support in turning ideas into viable R&D projects
  • prompt expert feedback
  • pairing with a research to connect applicants with experts in relevant fields
  • building key sector contacts.

Check if you can apply

To be eligible, applicants must be:

  • an Australian registered and operating business
  • a business classified as small to medium (less than 200 employees)
  • a business currently, or in the early stages of, exploring research and development opportunities for their business
  • working in the sector of the advertised program.

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