Natural Disaster Duty Relief NSW

Revenue NSW will refund any motor vehicle duty paid on replacing a vehicle that was written off in a declared natural disaster.

What you get?

Motor vehicle duty refund.

Who is this for?

Individuals in New South Wales whose vehicle has been written off during a declared natural disaster.


If your motor vehicle was written off in a declared natural disaster the NSW government may be able to refund any motor vehicle duty you pay on a replacement vehicle.

Further assistance may also be available, including:

  • more time to lodge any documents or returns
  • deferment of fine repayments
  • extending payment deadlines
  • waiving interest charges
  • payment of debts by instalments.

What are the eligibility criteria?

You may be eligible for a motor vehicle duty refund if:

  • you had comprehensive insurance for your written off vehicle
  • your insurance does not cover the duty for a replacement vehicle
  • you paid the duty on your replacement vehicle in NSW.

The amount you’ll receive will be the duty payable on the lower of:

  • the cost of the replacement vehicle or
  • the value of the insurance payout for your written off vehicle.

How do you apply?

You can find out more about eligibility and how to apply at Natural Disaster Duty Relief.

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