June 2022 funding offers

Applicant name Project title Grant amount (ex GST)
Field Reporter Pty Ltd Disrupting the polling industry using algorithmic delivery  $195,855
GB Operations Pty Ltd Complete GreaseBoss Suite and Gain Certification for US Market $735,195
Regional Industrial Services Exchange Pty Ltd Ecosystem Operations Platform to Connect Every Workflow on the Planet $865,800
Bioscout Pty Ltd Commercialising Bioscout’s Realtime, Automated Airborne Disease Sensor $650,914
Navi Medical Technologies Pty Ltd Neonav: medical device to enable safer care for critically-ill newborns $600,000
Phyllome Pty Ltd High volume indoor precision agriculture using robotics and AI $803,500
Rumin8 Pty Ltd A Novel Feed Additive to Reduce Methane Emissions from Ruminant Livestock $650,000
PPB Technology Pty Ltd Development and First Sale of CYBERTONGUE Commercial Protease Test System $400,000
Back Paddock Company Pty Ltd Opterra - Integration for sustainable and profitable Agriculture $449,109
Village Energy Group Pty Ltd Residential DER Orchestration $250,000
Conveyor Manufacturers Australia Pty Ltd Validation of Redline underground conveyor system through first deployment $635,150
Helitak Fire Fighting Equipment Pty Ltd FT4000 Aerial Firefighting Water Tank for Sikorsky S-92 Helicopters $481,423
Omelia Technologies Pty Ltd LOOM, for cinematic complex story world development $388,000
Real Time Data Pty Ltd Commercialising Deckhand fishing software in North America $399,622
Seed Terminator Pty Ltd Integrated Seed Mill for Case and New Holland (ST-ISM-CNH) $1,000,000

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