August 2021 funding offers

Applicant Name Project Title Grant Amount (ex GST)
Curtin University SpiroPak: next-generation structured packing $209,485
Curvecrete Pty Ltd Validation of a complex curved concrete forming process on a live project $325,158
Data Farming Pty Ltd Rapid-EM: Soil Mapping for Mainstream Agriculture $322,753
Laronix Pty Ltd Laronix - Enabling larynx amputees regain their natural voice $551,100
Locii Pty Ltd Truuth Biopass Commercialisation $992,203
Metrolo Pty Ltd Digital Twin for Planning & Optimising Distributed Energy Projects $998,783
Odio Tech Pty Ltd Commercialisation of Tinnibot: your tinnitus relief companion $163,690
SmartOysters Pty Ltd BlueCulture: Transforming Aquaculture - lives, livelihoods, environment $398,350

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