Agrifutures Australia RD&E Investment

AgriFutures Australia RD&E Investment provides funding for organisations to help conduct research that will improve the sustainability and profitability of new and established rural industries.
Application detail:

Please check the website for open call dates.

What do you get?

Funding varies.

Who is this for?

Organisations conducting research to benefit rural industries.


Agrifutures Australia provides funding to organisations to conduct research for rural industries that do not have their own Research and Development Corporation (RDC), including:

  • rice
  • chicken
  • meat
  • honey bee and pollination
  • thoroughbred horse
  • pasture seeds
  • export fodder
  • ginger and
  • tea tree oil

Funding is also available to help establish and expand new rural industries, including:

  • deer
  • buffalo
  • kangaroo
  • camel milk

Each year Agrifutures Australia identifies research priorities across one or more rural industries. Applicants wanting to undertake research in the targeted industry are invited to submit a preliminary research proposal when the open call is announced.

Check if you can apply

To be eligible, you must:

  • be conducting research which is of direct benefit to the specified Australian rural industry
  • comply with all reporting requirements
  • agree to disseminate valuable project intellectual property and project material in accordance with the research proposal

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