Australian Heritage Grants 2023-24 Grant Opportunity

The Australian Heritage Grants Program aims to improve recognition, conservation, preservation, and access to the National Heritage Values of National Heritage Listed places. The program also aims to increase community engagement and raise awareness of listed places.
Closes in 14 days

Closing date: Thursday 12 October 2023 5:00pm AEDT Thu 12 Oct 2023 5:00pm AEDT

What do you get?

Grants between $25,000 and $400,000.

Who is this for?

Places on Australia’s National Heritage List.


Australian Heritage Grants funds projects that support places on Australia’s National Heritage List through:

  • Improved recognition
  • Access conservation
  • Preservation, and
  • Community engagement.

Check if you can apply

You can apply if you meet the eligibility criteria. The eligibility criteria are a set of rules that describe who we can consider for this grant. You can apply if you:

  • are an eligible entity
  • have an eligible project
  • have eligible expenditure.

The rules are in the grant opportunity guidelines.

You can apply if you:

  • have an Australian business number (ABN)
  • are the site owner of the listed place/s, or
  • are the site manager of the listed place/s and have the current management arrangements or a current letter of support for your application from the site owner, or
  • have the current letter of support from the site owner or site manager of the listed place/s where you are not the site owner or site manager

You must also be one of the following entities:

  • an Australian State/Territory Government agency or body
  • an Australian local government agency or body
  • a Commonwealth corporate entity
  • an entity incorporated in Australia (this includes Indigenous land management organisations registered with the Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations)
  • a registered Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander land council
  • a partnership
  • a publicly funded research organisation (PFRO)
  • an individual 18 years or older.

Partner with other organisations

You can partner with one or more other organisations that also meet the eligibility criteria. But you must decide who the lead organisation is.

The lead organisation must fill out the application form.

If we give your group the grant, the lead organisation:

  • signs the grant agreement
  • is responsible for making sure your group follows the rules in the grant agreement
  • is responsible for the completion of the project.

You must complete your project by 31 March 2026.

Your project must do at least one of the following:

  • maintain, protect or conserve the National Heritage Values,
  • repair essential infrastructure impacted by severe weather events to maintain, protect or conserve the National Heritage Values
  • improve engagement with, and awareness of, the National Heritage Values
  • improve access to a listed place.
  • have at least $25,000 in eligible expenditure.

National Heritage Values are those values that cause the National Heritage Listed place to meet one or more of the National Heritage Criteria. You should refer to the criteria under the Official Values listed in the Australian Heritage Database. Use the criteria as a guide to find out if your project aligns with the listed values before applying.

You can apply for a grant between $25,000 and $400,000, which will be up to 80% of eligible project expenditure.

You can use this grant funding to support:

  • salaries for staff working on the project, direct salary and on-costs for personnel directly employed for the project activities
  • contractor costs or expert advice
  • research costs
  • communication and promotional costs
  • costs you incur on planning, environmental or other regulatory approvals during the project period
  • materials and equipment hire/purchase
  • domestic travel including meals, accommodation, and transportation
  • catering needed to conduct project activities such as workshops at the Heritage site locality
  • project contingency costs up to a maximum of 10% of the eligible project costs
  • administrative costs for the project.

How to apply

Check if you’re ready to apply for a grant

Finding a suitable grant opportunity is just the start of the process to get funding. The application process can take time and effort. Understanding the entire process will help you be grant ready and may improve your chances of getting funding.

Use our checklist to find out what it takes to apply for a grant.

When you're ready to apply

Apply using our online portal:

  1. Create or log into your portal account.
  2. Follow the instructions to complete your application.
  3. Submit your application before the close date.

Make sure you include enough detail and supporting evidence in your application to help us decide whether to award you the grant.

Don’t submit the application until it’s complete. You can’t correct a mistake.

First we check that you meet the eligibility criteria. Then we assess your application against the assessment criteria. Only eligible applications will proceed to the assessment stage.

The amount of detail and supporting evidence you provide in your application should be relative to the project size, complexity and grant amount requested. You should define, quantify and provide evidence to support your answers.

The Minister will make the final decision.

Assessment criterion 1

The extent that your project maintains, protects, conserves and improves access to places on the National Heritage list (40 points)

You must describe the activity and provide information that demonstrates: how your project:

  • maintains, protects, conserves and/or improves access to the National Heritage Value/s of the listed place and/or
  • improves engagement or awareness of the National Heritage Value/s for which the place was listed
  • how your project aligns with management plans, strategies and priorities, and broader national, regional or local plans and priorities applicable to the listed place (you may attach excerpts of the relevant documents to support your response - refer to section 7.1 of the guidelines for guidance)

Assessment criterion 2

Capacity, capability and resources to deliver the project (30 points)

You must demonstrate this by:

  • proving your track record, and project partner track record (if you have project partners), to successfully carry out similar projects
  • describing how you will manage the project including budget and risk management. A project plan must be attached (refer to section 7.1.1 of the guidelines for guidance)
  • identifying your strategy to maintain the project outcomes beyond the term of grant funding.

Assessment criterion 3

Impact of grant funding on your project (30 points)

You must demonstrate this by:

  • justifying the funding amount requested with respect to the project activities and intended outcomes
  • justifying the need for grant funding including the urgency of the project.

Apply now

Apply for the Australian Heritage Grants 2023-24 now

Before you apply, make sure you:

  • read and understand the grant opportunity guidelines
Apply now

Sample applications

The best way to understand what information you need to provide is to start an application. We have also provided a version to download at the bottom of this page.

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Grant opportunity guidelines

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