Recipient Organisation Project Description Grant (Exc GST) Expected Total Investment (Exc GST) State
Deakin University Materials Development and Design for Electrification and Automation $417,000 $417,000 Victoria
Deakin University Cyber-Safe Connected Vehicles: Ensuring Secure, Trusted, and Robust Cooperative Automotive Systems $494,900 $494,900 Victoria
Monash University More Efficient and Cost-Effective Powertrains Systems for Electric Vehicles $751,852 $751,852 Victoria
Queensland University Of Technology Intelligent BMS for large cell format Lithium Ion battery storage systems in electric vehicles $284,275 $284,275 Queensland
Royal Melbourne Institute Of Technology Development of a Simulation Tool for Adoption and Deployment of Autonomous Vehicles $200,572 $200,572 Victoria
Royal Melbourne Institute Of Technology Wireless systems for vehicular access, security and safety $381,144 $381,144 Victoria
Royal Melbourne Institute Of Technology Advanced Integrated Photonics Circuits for Future Navigation Systems in Autonomous Driving Cars $202,572 $202,572 Victoria
Swinburne University Of Technology Nurturing Graduates for Australian Automotive Engineering Futures $999,300 $999,300 Victoria
University Of Melbourne The Uni Melb Automotive Engineering Graduate Program: From Future Fuels to the Future of Transport $644,150 $644,150 Victoria
University Of Western Australia Intelligent Electric Drive and Driver-Assistance System $493,500 $493,500 Western Australia