Brandon Capital and OncoRes Medical

Through the Biomedical Translation Fund, Brandon Capital invested capital to establish OncoRes Medical – a WA based medical device company developing a new digital imaging technology to revolutionise breast cancer surgery.

As one of the Biomedical Translation Fund (BTF)’s private fund managers, Brandon Capital invested and helped to establish OncoRes Medical in 2016.

This medical device company is revolutionising breast cancer surgery by developing a device that supercharges a surgeon’s sense of touch. It provides images inside the patient during surgery and more real time data. This enables surgeons to remove all cancerous tissues at the first instance, leading to better patient outcomes.

Funds like the Biomedical Translation Fund are essential for us to be able to retain those incredible Australian innovations in Australia and realise the benefits both economic and in terms of health outcomes. OncoRes technology has the potential to create an incredible positive impact on society into the future.
— Dr Katharine Giles, CEO OncoRes Medical & Venture Partner, Brandon Capital

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