Brandon Capital and PolyActiva case study

PolyActiva is developing new ocular biotech for improved patient outcomes. This is being done with support from the Biomedical Translation Fund program.

PolyActiva is an ophthalmology company pioneering polymer technology that delivers medicine directly to the eyes through ocular implants. Its lead product, which is currently in clinical trials in Australia and New Zealand, has the potential to treat conditions like glaucoma. Glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness, which affects 80 million people worldwide.

Patients who have diseases like glaucoma must use eye drops every day. But PolyActiva is creating small ocular implants that could replace drop therapy by providing a sustained drug flow to the eye.

If this sustained delivery technology is successful, patients won’t be burdened to administer constant and correct doses of eye drops every day. This technology has the potential to improve quality of life and patient outcomes.

The Biomedical Translation Fund invested in our first clinical trial program.
— Vanessa Waddell, Chief Executive Officer, PolyActiva
Before the BTF, there weren't really many venture funds in Australian biotech space that had the capacity to take an Australian idea from the laboratory through to human testing, and the BTF enabled us to do that. The venture industry is absolutely essential to both stimulate innovation in biotech, but also to help create industry.
— Chris Nave, Founding Partner of Brandon Capital and Chief Executive Officer of Brandon BioCatalyst

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