Bushfire Clean-up Program VIC

The Bushfire Clean-up Program provides free of charge clean-up assistance for the demolition and disposal of all buildings destroyed by this season's bushfires.

What do you get?

Free demolition and disposal of destroyed buildings.

Who is this for?

Eligible Victorian property owners whose buildings have been destroyed or damaged beyond repair by this season's bushfires.


Free of charge clean-up assistance is available for buildings that have been destroyed or damaged beyond repair, including:

  • residential homes
  • sheds and other out-buildings
  • commercial buildings
  • public buildings.

Removal of fencing, trees and vehicles may also be included but only where necessary for the safe clean-up of destroyed buildings.

This is a voluntary program and is provided free of charge for eligible property owners. You do not need to be insured to be eligible for this program.

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