Round 2 – feasibility studies 2019

Fast and secure digital identity verification for people experiencing FDV

Applicant Name Location Grant Funding Project title and description
Avatas Consulting Pty Ltd Tinbeerwah, Queensland $100,000 val-ID Biometric Identification Service

Provide a solution that aims to efficiently verify identity using facial recognition and existing government biometric authentication infrastructure to validate an identity anchored by government issued trusted credentials.
FACTIL Pty Ltd Surrey Hills, Victoria $100,000 Digital identity verification

Provide a solution for people escaping family and domestic violence and seeking access to welfare payments and support services with the ability to provide identification for both initial enrolment and ongoing support.

Intelligent data to transform tourism service delivery

Applicant Name Location Grant Funding Project title and description
GEOGRAFIA Pty Ltd Melbourne, Victoria $70,000 Tourism Revenue Impact Predictor

The proposed project will build upon Geografia’s existing Spendmapp application, an award-winning big data analytical tool in use throughout Australia. It will allow users to investigate the effect of age on expenditure patterns, predict future activity and expenditure, and identify market opportunities for new businesses.
Metrix Consulting Pty Ltd West Perth, Western Australia $100,000 Australian Tourism Knowledge Bank

The aim of the solution is to unlock and integrate new data sources to better measure tourism and better inform decision-makers. This includes examining specific data sources and understand their capacity to enhance market coverage and provide insights to stakeholders about the tourism industry in Australia.
NEM Australasia Pty Ltd Melbourne, Victoria $100,000 Project Jigsaw

The proposed project will develop a dependable and repeatable modelling tool to forecast tourism growth and potential investment returns using cutting-edge and disruptive technology modelling.
WEJUGO Pty Ltd Mosman, New South Wales $100,000 Data-driven travel and tourism marketing and insights platform

A project to develop a visitation and tourism analytics platform that combines data from transactional, telecommunications, social media and other digitally sourced data into a 360° view of tourism impacts across economic, environmental and cultural performance metrics.

Uplifting government capability to create digital transformation

Applicant Name Location Grant Funding Project title and description
Next Paradigm Pty Ltd Kew, Victoria $100,000 Digital Capability Hub

This project proposes to create a Digital Capability Hub (DCH) which will provide government agencies with an innovative online learning platform to support digital transformation specifically for government.

Managing the risks of hitchhiking pests and contaminants on shipping containers

Applicant Name Location Grant Funding Project title and description
Industry Spec Drones Pty Ltd North Wollongong, New South Wales $99,947 Integrated CS-UAV, Hyperspectral Imaging and Gas Detection to Detect Biosecurity Threats

A Confined Space Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (CS-UAV) will be designed to be capable of automatic flight in industrial environments where other drones fail to operate. It will be specifically adapted to solve the BRII challenge. It will use unique CS-UAV flight platform paired with hyperspectral cameras, gas sensors and integrated artificial intelligence.
iugotec Pty Ltd North Hobart, Tasmania $99,990 AI-Driven Biosecurity Threat Sensing System

Conduct a feasibility study to test their solution using next-generation sensors and machine learning to solve this important problem and minimising the social, environmental and economic impacts related to the establishment of exotic pests and diseases in Australia.
Silverpond Pty Ltd Endeavour, Victoria $98,750 Using Autonomous Systems to improve current biosecurity inspections

The proposed project would include an automated system to quickly scan containers inside and out, detect contaminants, and triage for human review. This solution would aim to increase the biosecurity review footprint while also reducing costs and human error.
Trellis Data Pty Ltd Hughes, Australian Capital Territory $99,500 Biosecurity Automated Threat Detection System

The proposed project will look into using the Trellis Data Biosecurity Automated Threat Detection System (BATDS) to detect and document biosecurity threats using computer 'vision' including microwave, infrared, and other invisible wavelengths.

Automating complex determinations for Australian Government information

Applicant Name Location Grant Funding Project title and description
Automated Reasoning Alliance Pty Ltd Florey, Australian Capital Territory $97,410 Automated Creation and Application of Digital Record Authorities

This project will test the feasibility of a scalable, automated solution to decide the value of Australia Government digital information and data and make determinations on whether the information should be preserved or destroyed.
Lenticular Pty Ltd Narrabundah, Australian Capital Territory $100,000 A Context Sensitive Learning and Classification System

This feasibility study aims to prove the possibilities inherent in automated machine learning when coupled with live inputs from and transparent monitoring by domain experts.
PWC Indigenous Consulting Pty Ltd Barangaroo, New South Wales $100,000 Algorithmic record management platform with a self-compliance wizard

This feasibility study will consider a human-in-the-loop (HITL) and machine learning solution to transform the current state of automating complex determinations into a front-of-house process to ease compliance, approval times and transparency.
Surround Australia Pty Ltd Sydney, New South Wales $100,000 Tabula Servanda

The Feasibility Study will devise experiments to assess which techniques can deliver the highest quality, cost-effectiveness, scalability, efficiency, and accuracy in electronic record auto-classification. We will use explainable artificial intelligence techniques to document and explain how electronic records are classified in the experiments, and cross-compare the results with existing practice.