A business can apply for a Capability Improvement Grant to cover up to 80% of the cost of engaging a consultant or expert to implement business improvements. As part of their grant application the business must include a proposal and quote from a service provider.

The business improvements will be set out in an advisory services report provided to the business by the CDIC.

As a potential service provider, your proposal and quote should:

  • align with the recommendations outlined in the CDIC’s advisory services report
  • clearly set out the objectives, purpose and expected benefits you intend to deliver as part of the Capability Improvement Grant project

Things to include in your proposal

When preparing your proposal or quote you should address the following.

Scope of service

Provide details of the:

  • end product, project or service being delivered to address the recommended business improvement
  • key activities or stages to achieve the end result.


Describe how you will provide the service. For example, the project might be delivered through a set number of meetings, or off-site research, or training.

Schedule and timing


  • the estimated number of consulting days for each activity or stage of the project
  • the total number of consulting days for all projects
  • the expected delivery timeframes for project milestones and the completion schedule.



  • the total project cost and breakdown of estimated costs for each project activity or stage, and outline the consultant/s hourly rates
  • the payment schedule
  • any additional expenses that may arise or expenses that are not covered in the quote.

Key personnel

Identify the individual consultants undertaking the project or parts of the project. Outline the skills, knowledge and experience of the individuals involved. For example:

  • ‘Senior Partner 'X' will undertake the business planning and strategy workshops’.

Intended outcome

At the end of the project, you should present your findings and recommendation to the business. The presentation should where possible:

  • use simple language
  • quantify results
  • include an executive summary of the main points
  • include an action plan – who is responsible for what and when.

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