About the Stethee Pro

The Stethee Pro is the world’s first AI enabled, wireless digital stethoscope for cardiac and respiratory vital signs that has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), European authorities (CE) and the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

The device will improve clinical accuracy and enable real-time vital sign and diagnostics through cloud connection to healthcare professionals, hospitals and remote clinics.

The lead partner for the project, M3DICINE, is an Australian medical device and AI data platform company. The company is focused on creating the next generation of AI medical devices that capture real-time vital signs, deliver actionable machine learning based insights and health intelligence to clinicians at the point of care.

The CRC-P has contributed more than $1.5 million in cash and in-kind contributions towards the development of the Stethee Pro by M3DICINE, together with the partners Queensland University of Technology and Kuraby Cardiac Investigation Centre. It's been a global effort developing the device, with research and collaborations with other industry, research and health partners around the world.

The next stage for Stethee Pro is commercialisation with the device expected to be widely available in the United States, India and Australia in mid to late 2023.

Why the Stethee Pro is unique

Stethee Pro and the cloud based “M3DICINE Central” data platform represent a revolutionary step in remote care and telemedicine. It will make medical services more freely available by allowing clinicians and healthcare professionals to capture and analyse patient respiratory and cardiac vital sign data anywhere and anytime.

Stethee Pro is the only digital stethoscope in the world able to measure a patient’s respiratory rate and cardiac vital sign data in only 20 seconds, greatly expanding the possibilities of telemedicine through monitoring and analysis.

A powerful device for clinicians, the wireless design of the stethoscope also allows it to be used by patients at home to provide vital sign data to health-care providers during telemedicine or mobile consultations.

How the Stethee Pro will help hospitals, healthcare professionals and patients

Machine learning real-time cardiac and respiratory data sets will enhance hospital-based clinical decision support tools, and provide researchers, public health institutes and governments with up to the second heat-maps of the cardiac and respiratory health of the nation.

Hospitals, health institutes and departments of public health can benefit from real-time and predictive vital sign data from around the world, allowing for better resource planning and service delivery in times of disease outbreaks and pandemics.

“M3DICINE’s vision is to ‘monitor the ‘vital signs of the planet’… empowering healthcare professionals and patients with elegant devices and real-time clinical insights, to help in the diagnosis, treatment and management of cardiac and respiratory diseases.”
— Dr Nayyar Hussain, M3DICINE CEO 
doctor using stethee on patient

Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide, whilst paediatric pneumonia is the biggest killer of children under five years, particularly in developing countries. The CRC-P’s research analysed pathology data collected from Australia and overseas to develop AI algorithms. Health providers can develop personalised clinical treatment plans, informed with real-time quantitative data to help manage these diseases.

M3DICINE is developing a range of AI enabled devices that can be used by healthcare professionals and patients at home to capture other vital signs from the face, eyes, ears, throat, skin and more.

“Our devices are like the Tesla of medical devices. Updates to the AI platform allow the device to become more intelligent over time, empowering healthcare professionals to more accurately screen, diagnose and manage a wider range of diseases. New AI algorithms are currently in development with clinical partners across the US, Australia, India and Africa and these diagnostic algorithms will be available as software updates for our users and subscribers.”
— Dr Nayyar Hussain, M3DICINE CEO

The CRC-P’s work contributes significantly to disease management and health knowledge worldwide. De-identified big health data collected by Stethee Pro can help the global health industry to understand chronic diseases as well as understand nationwide and global health trends.

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