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The rapidly growing Australian dairy goat industry will benefit from a collaborative project to improve vaccine development.

Australia’s dairy goat industry lacks a unified approach to vaccine development, which has been compounded by offshore vaccines not available in Australia due to biosecurity legislation.

The near-$300,000 CRC-P collaboration, headed by Nuchev, has achieved standard vaccine protocols and operating procedures in vaccine development.

Ben Dingle, CEO of Nuchev predicts continued strong growth with Nuchev planning to play a substantial role in the Australian dairy goat industry. Ben says research and development has been a key focus to producing premium products for local and export formula and nutritional markets.

Part of facilitating this growth is by developing innovative vaccines for improved herd health through the CRC-P collaboration. Standardised protocols and operating procedures for the development and delivery of targeted vaccines for endemic disease prevention in large Australian dairy goat milking operations are important.

“Through the CRC-P we have successfully identified the particular serotype that historically has caused high mortality in weaned kids and developed a trial vaccine.”
— Ben Dingle, CEO of Nuchev
“Continued vaccine development and research will help safeguard herds and farms, providing the opportunity to grow productive capacity and strongly position the industry for future growth opportunities.”
— Ben Dingle, CEO of Nuchev

Global demand for goats’ milk and derived products is increasing rapidly due to its high nutritional benefits; and Australia is well placed to service Asia’s increasing demand for goat milk products.

Etablished in 2013, Nuchev already produces, markets and sells a range of premium goat infant formula and nutritional products into the Australian and Asia markets.

China is the largest global infant formula market, with the goat formula segment worth over $2 billion and growing at a compound annual growth rate of more than 20%.

Nuchev’s Oli6 range includes stages 1, 2, 3 and 4 goat infant formula as well as full cream milk powder, assisting consumers with a balanced diet from newborn to the elderly.

The future is bright for the dairy goat industry to be a major export earner for Australia and provider of jobs.

CRC-P grants support short term industry-led collaborations to develop important new technologies, products and services that deliver tangible outcomes.

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