Seeing Machines

Seeing Machines is an industry leader in computer vision technologies which enable machines to see, understand and assist people.

The CRC-P program has helped Australian company Seeing Machines, in partnership with Monash University’s Accident Research Centre, Ron Finemore Transport, and Volvo Australia, develop the next generation of fatigue prevention and driver monitoring technology for the commercial transport sector.

The partnership was awarded an Australian Government CRC Project Grant for $2.25 million over three years to work on a project which builds on Seeing Machines’ Guardian technology platform and actively monitors for and alerts drivers to fatigue and distraction.

“We’ve shown with just one project how we can fundamentally change our product offering on the global market. When we submitting the application for the CRC-P grant in 2016 we were 75 people, we are now 250 and that growth is really in response to the huge demand we are seeing globally from car manufacturers… The CRC-P Grant has been game changing for us”.
— Professor Mike Lenné, Chief Scientific Officer, Human factors, Seeing Machines

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