Managing your grant

You can manage your grant in a secure online environment through the portal.

Secure online portal for

Through our portal, you can give and get updates on your grant. These may include:

  • Providing reports
  • Receiving invoices

CRC Project Support organisations

The following organisations may provide additional information to those involved with CRC Projects.

Industry Growth Centres

CRCs, CRC Projects and Industry Growth Centres work together to improve industry research engagement. Growth Centres can help you to identify industry research challenges and encourage collaboration with the right industry members. Find out more about Industry Growth Centres Initiative.

CRC Association

The CRC Association is an independent not-for-profit organisation established to promote the CRC Program. Find out more on the CRC Association website.

Key documents for supported CRC Projects

Fact sheet for contract variations

Reporting guidelines – Rounds 1 to 4

Grant opportunity guidelines – Rounds 1 to 5

Grant opportunity guidelines – Round 6

Grant opportunity guidelines – Round 7

Grant opportunity guidelines – Round 8

Grant opportunity guidelines – Round 9

Grant opportunity guidelines – Round 10

Grant opportunity guidelines – Round 11

Grant Opportunity Guidelines – Round 12

Guidelines on security in the CRC Program

A review of the CRC Program

The economic social and environmental impacts of the CRC Program

CRC-P webinar presentation - round 8

CRC Program Brand Guidelines