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Defence Cooperative Research Centres Program

The Defence CRC Program links industry with researchers to deliver game-changing Defence capabilities. Find out how to participate in a Defence CRC.


What you get?

Opportunities to participate in a Defence Cooperative Research Centre (Defence CRC) to develop next-generation defence and national security technologies.

Who is this for?

To apply to become a participant in a Defence CRC you must be either:

  • a company incorporated in Australia – industry participant
  • an Australian research organisation – research participant


Defence CRCs aim to develop technologies that:

  • improve Australia’s defence and national security capability
  • address priorities under the Next Generation Technologies Fund

Defence CRCs use program funding to partner with researchers and industry – particularly small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Each Defence CRC develops project proposals based on its priorities. It then invites Defence CRC participants and other organisations to apply for each project.

Your organisation may also apply to participate in a Defence CRC when it forms or any time after.


What are the eligibility criteria?

To become an industry participant in a Defence CRC you must be a company incorporated in Australia.

To become a research participant you must either be:

  • a publically funded research organisation
  • an organisation incorporated in Australia that does research and development

Participants must also:

  • be prepared to enter into a participant agreement
  • accept the terms of the Defence CRC project agreement template
  • be prepared to actively participate in the Defence CRC
  • be willing and able to pay the annual fee 


How do you apply?

When the Defence Minister announces the establishment of a new Defence CRC, you can find opportunities to participate on the Research collaboration vehicles page. This provides information on how to apply to become a participant of the Defence CRC. Before you apply, you should read the program guidelines and other key documents.

You may also find opportunities to participate in the existing Defence CRC for Trusted Autonomous Systems by visiting their website.

Find Defence CRC opportunities

Before you apply to join a Defence CRC, make sure you:

  • meet the eligibility criteria
  • meet the merit criteria
  • have read the program guidelines and other documents

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Key documents

Defence CRC program guidelines

Defence CRC fact sheet

Defence CRC standard project agreement

Sample industry participant application and agreement

Sample research participant application and agreement

Sample industry participant terms and conditions

Sample research participant terms and conditions

Sample Defence CRC and Commonwealth grant agreement