Drought Carry-on Finance Loans QLD

Loans are available to assist Queensland primary producers significantly affected by drought.
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What do you get?

Loans of up to $250,000.

Who is this for?

Queensland primary producers significantly affected by drought.


Queensland based primary producers who have significantly been affected by drought may be eligible for a loan to assist with carry-on finance.

Producers may receive one loan for up to a maximum of $250,000 over 5 years.

The loan may be used for working capital expenses, including:

  • paying employee wages
  • paying creditors
  • paying rent and rates
  • buying goods, including fuel, for carrying on the business.

The maximum combined outstanding loan balance under both the Emergency Drought Assistance Loan and the Drought Carry-on Finance Loan is $250,000.

Check if you can apply

To be eligible for this loan, applicants must:

  • demonstrate at least one person in the primary production business is a primary producer
  • have carried on the primary production business for at least 12 months
  • have taken reasonable precautions to minimise the effect of drought on the primary production business
  • demonstrate they can service the loan
  • demonstrate financial assistance is required because the primary production enterprise has been significantly financially affected by drought
  • demonstrate the primary production business cannot support carry-on from existing cash and
    other liquid resources, or from within existing available commercial lending facility limits
  • present a satisfactory Farm Business Resilience Plan within a reasonable period of time.

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