Australian Capital Territory

Applicant details Project title Grant amount
AARRS GROUP PTY LTD café refrigeration and cooking equipment upgrade $25,000
ACTJI CONSULTING PTY. LTD. Heat Retention $25,000
BROADLAND NE INVESTMENTS PTY LTD Broadland Financial Planning Energy Improvement $25,000
COMMUNITY HOME AUSTRALIA PTY LTD Community Home Australia Energy Saving Project $23,000
FYSHH PTY LTD Insulation, Glazing & AC Upgrade $23,000
JJMC1 PTY LTD Aircon upgrades $24,000
KRISHNA SWAROOP PTY LTD Commercial Refrigeration $25,000
KUNZEA HOLDINGS PTY LIMITED Alivio Tourist Park Efficiency Project 2023 $25,000

New South Wales

Applicant details Project title Grant amount
2 SHORES PTY LIMITED Two Shores Holiday Village Double Glaze Windows Retrofit for Tourist Cabins $25,000
A SARACENO & C.M SARACENO Upgrade Dripper Pump $25,000
A.G PRESS & J PRESS & J.R PRESS Installation of a new Solar Powered Hot Water Heater $11,449
Accent Hearing Pty Ltd Upgrades to Allied Health Clinic $25,000
ACT POWDER COATING SERVICES PTY LTD Heat Optimisation Transfer Unit with Auto Doors $25,000
AIRSEED TECHNOLOGIES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD Developing an AirSeed Technologies Energy Management Plan $25,000
AJNM PTY LTD Cool room Efficiency $22,500
ALBION PARK R S L MEMORIAL CLUB LTD Energy Efficiency Upgrade for Albion Park RSL Memorial Club Ltd $22,000
ALBRIGHT & WILSON (AUSTRALIA) LIMITED Installation of Steam Boiler Economiser $25,000
ALBRIGHT & WILSON (AUSTRALIA) LIMITED Spray Dryer Heat Recovery $25,000
ALINE GROUP AUSTRALASIA PTY LTD Improving Energy Consumption $25,000
AM & SM CATANZARITI Upgrade inefficient cool room $25,000
ANANDA FOOD PTY LIMITED Air compressor upgrade $15,825
ANCORAND PTY LTD Highlands Hotel - Energy Efficiency Project $25,000
ANTIMATTER PROJECTS PTY LTD Equipment Upgrade: Enhancing Energy Efficiency with Electric Scissor Lift $25,000
AQUA CULTURE SWIM ACADEMY PTY LTD Aqua Culture Energy Improvements $25,000
Aquanet Sydney Pty Limited Enhancing Energy Performance in the Rosehill Recycled Water Scheme $25,000
ASHCROFT'S IGA DUBBO PTY LTD Ashcrofts IGA Dubbo - Energy Saving Project $25,000
ASHCROFT'S IGA ERSKINE PARK PTY LTD Energy Management System $25,000
ASHCROFT'S SUPA IGA ORANGE PTY LIMITED Voltage optimisation $25,000
AUSSIE QUALITY CONSULTING PTY LIMITED Solar Battery System and updated HVAC $25,000
AUSTRALIAN ALUMINIUM FINISHING PTY LIMITED Compressed Air Efficiency and Utilisation Programme $25,000
AUSTRALIAN MUSTARD OIL PTY LTD Purchase and installation of Heat Exchanger Steam Station $25,000
AUSTRO SERVICES PTY LTD Removal of old In wall A/C with new split unit A/C's $25,000
B.J PRYOR & G.M PRYOR Energy Uplift $24,849
BALTIMORE AIRCOIL (AUSTRALIA) PTY. LIMITED Powerfy lighting and compressed air efficiency $25,000
BATHOX AUSTRALASIA PTY LTD Replacing energy inefficient HVAC units $25,000
BEIFANG FOODS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD Beifang Foods Energy Efficiency $25,000
BEN MCLENNAN CONSTRUCTIONS PTY LTD Replace air compressor and air conditioners. $25,000
BERTOLLO VINEYARDS PTY LTD Irrigation Variable Speed Drive Upgrade $25,000
BIGGIES BBQ PTY LTD Biggies BBQ replacement of gas cooking equipment with electrical appliances $24,000
BIGGS, NICHOLE Heat pump upgrade $25,000
BIRD HILL CHICKENS PTY LIMITED Electrification of pumping equipment $25,000
BLUE MOON TRADERS PTY LTD The Hub Energy Upgrade $13,080
BRANXTON GOLF CLUB CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED Upgrade of existing refrigeration system to low power at lower cost $25,000
BROOKLYN BOY BAGELS PTY LTD Refrigeration & Ventilation Energy upgrades $25,000
BYRON BAY COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION INC Replacement of halogen theatre light bulbs with LED energy efficient bulbs $22,095
C.C HOLT & K.C HOLT Energy Efficient Fans and LED Lighting $25,000
Canimbla Property Pty Ltd Arostop Installation $25,000
CARBONICBOATS PTY LTD Energy Efficiency Upgrades of Carbonix Facilities $25,000
CARMEL FARM PTY LTD Cool room insulation $25,000
CASTLEREAGH HOTEL DUBBO (NSW) PTY LTD Castlereagh Hotel - Energy Efficiency Project $25,000
CDE DESIGN SOLUTIONS PTY. LIMITED Improve energy efficiency in CDE office. $25,000
CESSNOCK HOSPITALITY GROUP LTD. Energy Efficiency Opportunities and Energy Management System $25,000
CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY SCHOOL LIMITED Regents Park - Efficiency project $25,000
CLOSEBURN HOUSE BOUTIQUE GUESTHOUSE PTY LIMITED Insulation and Building Fabric Upgrades $15,000
COFFEE PARTS PTY LTD Reduce Power Consumption $25,000
COFFS HARBOUR HOME MODIFICATION & MAINTENANCE SERVICE INC Solar energy repairs/upgrade & LED lighting $24,778
COOGEE DIGGERS LIMITED Energy audit and energy reduction project $25,000
COOLAMON SPORT AND RECREATION CLUB LIMITED Replacement of bowling green lights $25,000
COROWA GOLF CLUB LTD Corowa Golf Club Energy Efficiency Project $25,000
COROWA R S L CLUB LTD Corowa RSL energy monitoring and efficiency upgrade $25,000
Craig Waldron Pty Ltd & B.W WALDRON & WALDRON'S COROWA SUPERMARKET PTY LTD Solar Panel Upgrade & Refrigeration Upgrade $25,000
CROOTE PTY LTD Install of Energy Efficient BBQs $16,986
D E LIESCHKE & SON PTY LTD Upgrade Energy Efficiency $22,000
D KAUR & D SINGH Upgrade of Pump station $24,000
D PLETTNER & D WALTON Replace inefficient AC units with Modern high efficiency units $25,000
DAMICORP PTY LTD Engineering feasibility study and HVAC upgrade $25,000
DANDALOO SUPERMARKET PTY LTD Reduce Refrigeration Running Costs $10,000
DASHA NOMINEES PTY LTD Energy Efficiency Improvements $25,000
David Jackson Builder Timber Restoration $25,000
DAVID MICHAEL HICKEY Replace ducted air con unit with new energy efficient unit $12,600
DAVIS SANDERS HOMES PTY LTD Air Conditioner Review $10,000
DELTA LABORATORIES PTY LIMITED Powerfy Compressed Air $25,000
DISTILLED BRANDS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD Distilled Brands Australia - Energy Efficiency Project $25,000
DL & MJ ROSATO Upgrade of Irrigation Pump $25,000
DMC Meat and Seafood Pty Ltd REFRIGERATION UPGRADE $25,000
Douglas TS Pty Limited Shed expansion $25,000
DRUTIM PTY. LIMITED Bills Organic Bakery Energy Upgrade $25,000
DUDLEY HOTEL BATHURST (NSW) PTY LTD Dudley Hotel - Energy Efficiency Project $25,000
E.M DRAPER & P.W DRAPER Willow Park Farms Energy Efficiency Upgrade $25,000
E-BISGLOBAL PTY LTD E-Bisglobal non-inverter air con replacement with an inverter-driven unit $25,000
EUROFORM INDUSTRIES PTY LTD Consolidation and Efficiency Improvement of Compressed Air Sy $25,000
EW & JA MCGOVERN Turn Rusty to Green $20,629
FEDERAL HOTEL MUDGEE PTY LTD Federal Hotel - Energy Saving Project $25,000
FEDERAL HOTEL MUDGEE PTY LTD Federal Hotel - Energy Saving Project $25,000
FEDERAL HOTEL WELLINGTON PTY LTD Federal Wellington - Energy Saving Project $25,000
FINPAST PTY LTD Energy Efficiency Upgrade Browning's Smash Repairs 2023 $25,000
FIRNESSE PTY. LIMITED Spruced Energy Efficiency $24,000
FOAMEX PTY LTD Compressor Downsizing and Optimisation Project $25,000
FRAZER CARDIFF PROPERTY PTY LTD Upgrade HVAC to energy efficient HVAC units and improve building fabric $25,000
FRAZERANDKERR PTY LIMITED Upgrade to energy efficient lighting and HVAC. Introduce smart metres $25,000
G BERGER & Z BERGER Energy Efficiency Project 2023 & 2024 $25,000
G.E ROBB & W.J ROBB Strathmore Ag Equipment Upgrades $25,000
GARLO'S PIES PTY LTD Hot Water Heat Recovery from blast freezer refrigeration oil coolers $25,000
GB SPORT & LIFESTYLE PTY LTD Energy Control Savings $21,363
GBS DISTRIBUTIONS PTY LTD Energy efficiencies for bulk fuel retailing $12,000
GBS Trading Pty Ltd Project to optimise energy use efficiency at Beckom $25,000
GEELONG LEATHER PTY. LTD. Replacement and Upgrade of Refrigerated Water Chillers $25,000
GEORGINA PROJECT PTY LTD Energy Efficiency Improvements $25,000
GKAL PTY LTD Project Energy Reduction $25,000
GORDON OPHTHALMOLOGY PTY LTD Updated and installation of efficient air conditioning resources $10,000
GRATEDO PTY LTD Efficiency Upgrade $17,000
GREAT NORTHERN HOTEL (NSW) PTY LTD Commercial Refrigeration upgrade and Water Heater replacement $18,000
H F HAND CONSTRUCTORS PTY. LIMITED Welding Machines Energy Efficiency Upgrade $23,000
HAPPY PAWS AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD. Replacing air-conditioner aged 30-40 years old $16,000
HOME INN AUSTRALIA PTY LTD Existing Halogen Lighting Upgrade $25,000
HOME INN GROUP PTY LTD Upgrade of Power Board $25,000
HOTEL SPACE PTY. LTD. Energy Efficiency Improvements $25,000
HUNTER BIBLE CHURCH ASSOCIATION INC Audit and upgrade of 10 Reserved Rd Air Con $25,000
HUSSEIN FARAJ Chicken Licious Energy Assessment & Savings $25,000
HYDRO-CLEAN (GRIFFITH) PTY. LTD. CNC Fume and Dust capture $25,000
IL FORD TRANSPORT PTY LTD Energy efficient technology to modernise a small family transport business $25,000
Indoor Skydiving Penrith Pty Ltd Variable Frequency Device for Wind Tunnel and HVAC Systems $25,000
INTERWEST DISTRIBUTORS PTY LTD Consolidated compressed air supply $25,000
J & A DEMARCO MANAGEMENT PTY LIMITED Power Supply Upgrade $25,000
J & L WILKINS INVESTMENTS PTY LTD Replace fixed drive air conditioning units with energy efficient inverters $25,000
J KAUR & G SINGH Replacement of Pump $25,000
J&B INVESTORS PTY LTD Fridges $25,000
J.E BURGE & P.E BURGE Enter the modern era $25,000
J.L WADDELL & A.R WADDELL & L.L WADDELL Higher Efficiency Cool Room for Café $25,000
J.M.R. PTY LIMITED Saving wildlife through resource efficiency $25,000
JASPA FOOD PTY LTD New Cool Room $25,000
JDJ AUST PTY LTD Energy Consumption Audit and Upgrade $25,000
JINDERA SERVICE CENTRE PTY LTD Air Conditioning & Insulation $25,000
JK HOTEL GROUP PTY LTD Energy Saving $25,000
JNW Hotels Pty Limited Energy Efficient Split System AC Units, Energy Saving Remotes, LED Lights, $25,000
K & A PHILLIPS PTY LTD & MB PHILLIPS & NJ PHILLIPS PTY LTD Improve Room comfort & reduce electricity A/C usage $25,000
K SINGH & T SINGH Farm Energy Efficient Irrigation and Lighting $25,000
K.J BURT & S.J BURT Motor Replacements $25,000
Kalizma Pty Ltd Energy Saving Upgrades $25,000
KDK MOTEL PTY LTD hunter valley motel $23,000
Keeta Tiger Pty Ltd Mittagong Motel Energy Reduction Project $25,000
KELLY & CO HOTELS PTY LTD Energy audit and efficiency upgrade project $25,000
KEMBLA PROPERTY GROUP PTY. LTD. Energy Efficiency program for Quest Wollongong $25,000
KILMURRAY LAWYERS Peter Kilmurray Lawyers - Energy Efficiency Project $25,000
KINGS OF NEON PTY LTD Kings Power $25,000
KOORAGANG WATER PTY LTD Driving further sustainability in the Kooragang Industrial Water Scheme $25,000
KTDJF INVESTMENTS PTY LTD Berrigan Motel Energy Efficiency Stage 2 $20,710
L & M PITTARI PTY LTD Upgrade Pump Station $25,000
LA LA LAS VENUE PTY LTD Upgrade old HVAC compressor $11,383
LAURIETON UNITED SERVICES CLUB LTD Level 2 Energy Audit and upgrade HVAC controls $25,000
LAWNLAR PTY. LTD. Refrigeration Upgrade $25,000
LEAH REDDEN Reglazing of pool house $25,000
LEGACY SUPERMARKETS PTY LTD IGA Epping - Energy Efficiency Project $25,000
LIAM ARMSTRONG Replacement of Existing Meat Cabinets $25,000
LITHGOW CITY BOWLING CLUB LTD Energy Efficiency HVAC and Audit Opportunity $25,000
LITTLE TRIFFIDS FLOWERS PTY LTD Big energy savings and little Triffids Flowers $22,173
LYNDON NEVINS Energy Efficiency Upgrades $25,000
M J RUTLEDGE Updating Illilawa $25,000
M.C DIXON & D.A METCALF Replace LPG gas hot water furnace with heat pumps $23,000
M.J JEFFRIES & R.S PELAEZ Laundry machines, Air conditioners, kitchen equipment & hot water system $24,100
M.R TUALA & P.J TUALA Caring for country through energy reduction $25,000
MADHOUSE INDUSTRIES PTY LTD Rapid closing doors on holding freezer to reduce the energy cost by 50% $25,000
MALA, ALANI Studio Climate Control and Refrigeration Upgrade $16,226
MAMA EARTH & CO PTY LTD improving electrical efficiency $25,000
MATHI INVESTMENT PTY LTD Energy Efficiency Improvements - Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Lights $25,000
MAXWELL APPRENTICES PTY LIMITED Energy Efficiency Project $25,000
MAXWELL RECRUITMENT PTY LIMITED Energy Use Reduction Project $25,000
MAXWELL TRAINING PTY LIMITED Reducing energy consumption $25,000
MCB FOOD ENTERPRISES PTY LTD MCB Food - Energy Efficiencies $25,000
MCCONNELL, MATTHEW Upgrading our hot water system and heating our swimming pool $21,520
MERAK TRADING PTY LTD Cafe Renovations $25,000
MINDSET FITNESS INSTITUTE PTY LTD Reduce Co2 Emission in Fitness Industry $11,198
MINISTRY OF MINDS PTY LTD Replace an existing air conditioning compressor, condenser and indoor unit $25,000
MITTAGONG HOTEL (NSW) PTY LTD Mittagong Hotel - Energy reduction project $25,000
MODERN COMMUNITY SOLUTIONS PTY LTD HVAC equipment, smart meters, and water heating equipment $13,250
MOORE EGGS PTY LTD Improve energy efficiency with egg production $14,000
MOTEL TOCUMWAL PTY LTD Tocumwal Energy efficiency Project $25,000
MR RESEARCH PTY. LTD. Contribution in reduction of Australian Emissions by maximising efficiency $25,000
NATZ PACKAGING PTY LTD Energy efficiency upgrade - chiller, air conditioning and fridge $25,000
NEW EDGE MICROBIALS PTY. LTD. VSDs for Sharpies $25,000
NEWCASTLE MOTEL PTY LTD Airconditioning upgrade $25,000
NO WHITE NOISE PTY LTD Replace Non-LED Lights and Add Automation Control $12,218
NOURISH ORGANIC MARKETPLACE PTY LTD Energy Efficiency at Nourish Organic - Phase 2 $25,000
OUTBACK YABBIES PTY LTD Cost Reduction and Energy Efficiency for a Viable Future. $25,000
P.R. KING & SONS PTY LTD Replacement of platform lifts with energy efficient electric lift $25,000
P.W. & M.A. NEST PTY LTD Air Conditioning and Lighting Optimisation to Improve Energy Efficiency $25,000
PATHWAY PROPERTIES PTY LIMITED HVAC & Lighting Energy Usage Monitoring & Control $25,000
PC ACCOUNTANCY PTY LTD Air Conditioner upgrade $12,000
PHAM GLOBAL PTY LTD Energy Efficient practices $25,000
POLLACK, GEOFFREY Upgrades to Shearing Shed & Associated Plant $25,000
PORT PLASTICS & TOOLING PTY LTD Energy audit and monitoring project $25,000
Professional Carpet Cleaning Pty Ltd Energy Infrastructure Efficient Workplace $25,000
QRONULLA APARTMENT HOTEL PTY LTD Energy Efficiency Project $25,000
QUEENS PASTRI HOUSE PTY LTD Queens Patisserie Energy Upgrade - Refrigeration. $25,000
R.F BELLATO & V BELLATO Irrigation Efficiency $25,000
RAINBOW HEIGHTS PTY LTD Air conditioner upgrade $25,000
RANCH ENTERPRISES PTY LTD Energy Efficiency Upgrades for Wollongong’s Oldest Irish-themed Hotel $25,000
RAPID SPRAY PTY LTD Compressed Air System Efficiency Overhaul $21,919
REVIRESCO ENTERPRISES PTY LTD Reduction of energy consumption costs $25,000
RICH RIVER GOLF CLUB LTD Energy efficiency project for Rich River Golf Club $25,000
RIVERINA WAREHOUSING SOLUTIONS PTY LTD Main Switch Board Replacement $25,000
ROSEWOOD RESEARCH PTY LTD HVAC & Lighting Energy Usage Monitoring & Control $25,000
ROYAL HOTEL ORANGE PTY LTD Royal Hotel Energy Reduction Project $25,000
RUTLEDGE PASTORAL COMPANY (YEADON) PTY LTD Energy efficiency in wool harvesting $25,000
S & B INVESTORS PTY LTD Freezer and cool room and Air conditioning $25,000
S.S HAMMOND & V MORRIS Energy Efficiency Upgrades for Eco-Focused Cafe $25,000
SARIS G & A Shop upgrades $23,000
SCRIBAL GROUP PTY LTD Renovate Power Supply to reduce Carbon Emissions $20,000
SEAN HOOPER Reducing carbon footprint through energy efficiency $19,487
SEBES & SEBES PTY LIMITED Replace old air conditioning unit $10,338
SHAN (AUST) GROUP PTY. LTD. Old aircons replacement 2023 $19,600
SHIRELIVE LIMITED Shirelive Property Energy Efficiency upgrade project $25,000
SID FOGG & SONS PTY LTD Energy Efficiency Upgrades $25,000
SISTERSHIP TRAINING PTY LTD Doing our bit for climate $25,000
SO MANUFACTURING PTY LTD Type 2 Energy Audit $25,000
SOLE-LUTION PODIATRY PTY LTD Sole-Lution Podiatry Energy Efficiency Saver Grant $15,000
SPROUT SCIENTIFIC PTY LTD Sprout Scientific Energy Efficiency Project $25,000
Stapleton Accounting Pty Ltd Smart Energy Project Stapleton Accounting $14,000
SUNJIA PTY LTD commercial refrigerator to improve the energy efficiency. $20,000
Sunmark Holdings Pty Ltd Energy Efficiency Upgrade - New Dough Divider and Dough Sheeter $25,000
SUPA IGA SUMMER CENTRE PTY LIMITED Energy Management System $25,000
Superior Wholesale Nursery Pty Ltd New Pump/Drip Irrigation System $25,000
SUPERMARKET ARTHUR PTY LTD Mint Fresh Arthur - Energy Saving Project $25,000
SUPERMARKET TOONGABBIE PTY LTD IGA Mint Fresh Toongabbie - Energy Saving Project $25,000
SUPERMARKET WESTLEIGH PTY LTD IGA Mint Fresh Westleigh - Energy Efficiency Project $25,000
SUPREME POULTRY & CHICKENS PTY LTD Water heating energy reduction $25,000
SWEET TANG PTY LTD Transition to energy efficient facility $25,000
SWIMSTART PTY LTD Heat pump upgrade for Pete's Swim School $25,000
TAMBURLAINE WINE SERVICES PTY LTD Insulate Barrel Hall Ceiling $25,000
TAOSUN GLASS PTY LTD Compressor $25,000
TAYLOR, JARED Energy Reduction Project $25,000
TEDESCO, ANDREHA Energy dependency reduction $25,000
TERRAMIA FARMING CO PTY LTD Upgrade irrigation pump & lighting $15,000
THE AISLING DISTILLERY PTY LTD Energy Recovery System $25,000
The Hills Angus Stud Pty Ltd Lakeview Becoming Energy Efficient and Carbon Positive $25,000
THE MUDGEE GOLF CLUB LTD Mudgee Golf Club - Energy Saving Project $25,000
THE PROVEDORES PTY LTD The Provedores Newcastle Energy $25,000
THERAPY AT HOME PTY LTD Hydrotherapy pool Energy reduction at Neuro Alliance $25,000
TRANSITION AUTOMOTIVE PTY LTD Energy Efficiency improvements for mechanic business $25,000
TRY SKY RIDER PTY LTD sky rider $24,000
TWEED HEADS BOWLS CLUB LTD Replacement Lighting Sports Lounge $25,000
Tyrex Solutions Proprietary Limited Tyrex energy savings $25,000
VINCI HOSPITALITY GROUP PTY LTD Quest Campbelltown Energy Efficiency Plan $10,000
VISION PLUS ADVISORY GROUP PTY LTD Waste Heat Recover Efficiency Improvement for Industrial Processes $25,000
W R BRIGHT & SONS (FAIRFIELD) PTY LTD Compressed Air System Consolidation & Efficiency Upgrade $24,500
WERRINGTON COUNTY TURNAROUND PTY LTD Mint Fresh Baker - Energy Efficiency Project $25,000
WESTERN STAR HOTEL PTY LTD Western Star Hotel energy reduction project $25,000
WILLOUGHBY PARK BOWLING & RECREATION CLUB LIMITED Refrigerated Display Cabinet and Compressor Upgrade $18,990
WINE AND CO NSW PTY LTD Energy Efficiency Upgrade for Wine and Co NSW $25,000
WIN-WIN RECRUITERS PTY LTD Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water $25,000
WONDER SUSHI GROUP PTY LTD upgrade to energy efficiency dishwasher and replace the current AC $14,500
YU GROCERIES AND FOODS PTY LTD upgrade display fridge and freezer $25,000
ZALUNARDO FARMING PTY LTD Building fabric  upgrades and lighting farm shed $25,000

Northern Territory

Applicant details Project title Grant amount
BARROW CREEK HOTEL Replacement of existing Bitzer Refrigeration equipment $24,611
JAPE KONG SU NOMINEES PTY LTD Upgrade to LED lights in carpark $24,555
R & R BROTHERS DESSERT INN PTY LTD Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) $25,000
ROBERT D TIMMS PTY. LTD. Insulation of roof area and wall of shed $24,000


Applicant details Project title Grant amount
A & R MOOLOOLABA COMPANY PTY LTD Improving Air Temperature and Circulation in Our Bakery $19,200
A JACKSON & D JACKSON Installation of Automated Fertigation System $25,000
A JACKSON & D JACKSON Installation of Automated Filtration Cleaning System $25,000
A.M ALBERGO & T.L COOK Energy Efficiencies $24,700
A.P OLLEY & T PEREZ Ultrasonic Cleaning of Harvesting and Processing Equipment $25,000
ADVANCED ACCOUNTING SOLUTIONS (QLD) PTY LTD Energy Efficient cooling system $15,500
AOQ PTY. LTD. Energy Efficiency $25,000
AROONA PLUMBING GROUP PTY LTD Replacement of existing air compressor to reduce energy consumption $16,000
AUSTEP ECO PTY LTD Office Energy Efficiency Project $25,000
AUTHENTIC IND. PTY LTD Energy Optimisation Project $12,194
B. BRANCH SUPERMARKETS PTY LTD Produce & Dairy Fridge Doors $25,000
BALKAN JUICE PTY LTD New Ice Machine $15,000
BARRY'S METAL WORKS PTY LTD Replacement of Factory Lights and Office Air Conditioning Units $22,600
BEERWAH & DISTRICT MEMORIAL GOLF CLUB INC Refrigeration energy saving upgrade $19,000
BELL, THOMAS Transition tea tree oil business to low greenhouse gas emission operation. $25,000
BENNETT, SCOTT Bayside Bait & Tackle Energy Efficient Grant Application $24,085
BENS HOME PTY LTD Efficient Energy Consumption by Automatic Roller Blind Equipment $25,000
BLACK HSA PTY LTD Caloundra House Sustainability Project $24,436
BNB MANAGEMENT PTY LTD 2020 Distillery - Further Energy Efficiencies $25,000
BOULTON, BRETT Modernising Gym Flooring Machinery $22,000
BRUCETHECAT PTY LTD Revitalising faded sustainability for QCCN $25,000
BTA ACCOUNTANTS PTY LTD Energy efficiency $12,600
BURRUM DISTRICT GOLF CLUB INC Upgrade Air-conditioning unit to high efficiency inverter system. $17,000
C STONE & M.D SWAIN replace box AC to split system AC $10,000
CAIRNS LOCAL CARS PTY LTD Cairns Cars - Regional Energy Savings $25,000
CALOUNDRA CITYLIFE BAPTIST CHURCH Office Energy Efficiency Upgrade through Lighting and Monitoring $24,240
CATTRAN PTY LTD Harcouts VP Energy Efficient Grant $17,726
CENTRAL GLADSTONE MOTEL PTY LTD Efficiency Upgrade- Central Gladstone $25,000
CITY INNISFAIL MOTEL PTY LTD Energy Cost Reduction for City Innisfail Motel Pty Ltd $25,000
CLOUD TAX ACCOUNTANTS & BUSINESS ADVISORS PTY LTD Energy Efficiency Upgrade Shop 7 $21,550
CLUB KAWANA LTD Upgrade of Cold Room Refrigeration Units $25,000
COOKTOWN MOTEL PTY LTD Cook Town - Energy Efficiencies $25,000
D'AGUILAR WILDLIFE PTY LTD Replace Refrigeration and Air Conditioning $24,096
DAVID DWYER Energy Efficiency Upgrade $20,000
DOLPHINS BLUE BAY STORE remove/upgrade cold room and Air Conditioning $10,000
DUGGAN & PARKER TYRE SERVICE (L'TON) PTY. LTD. Operation Energy Consumption minimisation $25,000
EASY TIMES BREWING COMPANY PTY LTD Frigid brewery refrigeration automation, optimisation and energy savings $24,280
ECOVIST PTY LTD Facility thermal performance improvement and passive cooling system install $25,000
ELANOR FUNDS MANAGEMENT LIMITED Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) $25,000
FISHERY FALLS PTY LTD HVAC Efficiency Project $25,000
FIT 4 LIFE (NQ) PTY LTD Airconditioning upgrade and more insulation & better lighting $10,500
FITNESS INSTITUTE PTY LTD Fitness Institute Energy Efficient Cooling Upgrade Project $24,512
FOOD CONNECT SHED LIMITED Upgrade old HVAC equipment in community kitchen $24,268
FROLLEKA PTY LTD Ricochet Yachting moves to Zero Emission variable speed electric drive motors $18,800
FU-JUNG JUKES Energy saver 2023 $20,000
FUNCTIONAL WEST PTY LTD Charleville Cooling Project: Energy Efficiency & Emissions Reduction $25,000
GATHERED ENERGY PTY LTD Ducted AC Replacement $20,272
GOONDIWINDI GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB Goondiwindi Golf & Country Club - Clubhouse Electrical Efficiency Upgrade $21,619
GRACEY DARLING PTY LTD LED Lighting & Energy Audit for Increased Efficiency $24,400
GREEN HSA PTY LTD Greenslopes House Continue Sustainability Project $24,600
GREEN INTENTIONS PTY. LTD. Maximising energy efficiency and thereby reducing the carbon footprint $22,900
GREG GRANT AUSTRALIA PTY LTD Efficient LED Lighting Retrofit Project for Warehouse $24,500
GRUBBY BUSINESS PTY LTD Replace 20-year-old inefficient cold rooms with energy efficient cold rooms $25,000
Health Management Pty Ltd Modernising office equipment for energy efficiency $25,000
IAM PRODUCTS PTY LTD Upgrading our product warehouse and office space to be energy efficient. $10,090
IMEK RASMUSSEN PTY LTD Farm Energy Efficiency Improvements $10,885
INDAWES DESIGN PTY LTD Maximising energy efficiency and thereby reducing the carbon footprint $22,900
INDEPENDENT APARTMENT MANAGERS PTY LTD LED Lighting & Energy Audit for Increased Efficiency $13,700
INNISFAIL MOTEL PTY LTD Energy Efficiency Project $25,000
JDO PTY LTD Tin Can Bay IGA Energy Reduction Project $25,000
K V INVESTMENTS PTY. LIMITED Air-conditioning System Efficiency Upgrade $22,500
LINIK CONSTRUCTIONS PTY LTD Energy Efficiency Upgrade, Cost-Saving & Sustainable Project $20,600
LINK ADVISORS PTY LTD Replace fluorescent lighting with LED + Upgrade HVAC compressor $23,700
LIONS HAVEN FOR THE AGED LIMITED Lions Haven for the Aged Installation of insulated blinds $25,000
MADDOG UNITED BREWERIES PTY LTD All Inn Brewing - Further Energy Efficiencies $25,000
MCHUGH STEEL PTY LTD Air Compressor Upgrade $25,000
MCNEILL, MICHELLE Reduce Electricity Running costs $13,800
Mijakabe Pty Ltd Customs House Energy Efficient Grant $22,727
MOSSMAN MOTEL PTY LTD Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) $25,000
MOUNT SYLVIA DIATOMITE PTY LTD Audit Energy In-efficient Electrification of Site $25,000
MS & R DISTRIBUTORS PTY LTD energy savings & emission reduction $25,000
MULTIBLAST FLOORING PTY LTD Energy Efficiency 2023 $25,000
NATURA PACIFIC PTY LTD Tech core of farming sustainability $23,140
NBDE PTY LTD Noosa Beer - Further Energy Efficiencies $25,000
NEM GROUP PTY LTD NEM Group Energy Efficiency Mapping Project $24,937
NEMO CAR & DOG WASH PTY LTD Air Compressor Energy Upgrade $25,000
NORTHERN SUBURBS LEAGUES CLUB LIMITED Energy Efficiency Improvement Project for Norths Leagues & Services Club $25,000
NORTHERN SUBURBS RUGBY LEAGUE FOOTBALL CLUB LIMITED Lighting upgrade, energy monitoring, and HVAC optimisation. $24,572
OUR OSTEO PTY LTD Osteopathy practices energy efficiency $12,900
P&C AUTOMATION PTY LTD Facility Energy Efficiency Upgrades $25,000
PANAGHIA MYRTIDIOTISSA LIMITED Install air conditioner setpoint control and upgrade LED lighting $25,000
PCGKJD Pty Ltd Energy Efficient Fridge Upgrades $25,000
PERKINS HOLLAND GROUP PTY. LTD. Factory Energy Efficiency Upgrade through Lighting and Monitoring $18,000
PETER SOURRIS Assistance in reducing power bills and overall greenhouse emissions $24,250
PLASMASTERS PTY. LTD. Plasmasters - Energy Efficiencies $25,000
PRESTIGE PET PRODUCTS PTY LTD Warehouse Energy Efficiency Upgrade through Lighting and Monitoring $25,000
PROAQUA PTY LTD § Proaqua – Reducing our Energy Consumption and Greenhouse gas emissions $22,498
RACEVIEW TAVERN PTY LIMITED Install air conditioner controls and power factor devices $25,000
RAMJET PLASTICS PTY. LTD. Energy efficient machinery replacement $25,000
RRJ ENGINEERING PTY. LTD. Greening Our Operations; Smart Energy Reducing in the Moulding Plant $24,999
SAVANTO PTY LTD Improving energy efficiency at WOW! Mobility $20,102
SCHULTE SAWMILL PTY LTD Schulte Sawmill Energy Efficient Timber Kiln Upgrade $24,705
Shabrae Investments Pty Ltd Energy Efficient Office Renovation $25,000
SHEDD, NOEL Restaurant Energy Efficiency Energy Upgrade: Combine Fridge, Solar Panels $18,500
SHERWOOD SERVICES CLUB INC Monitor and reduce our energy consumption $25,000
SHOOBRIDGE PTY. LTD. Install Air conditioner Controls and Power Factor Devices $25,000
SISTERS OF ST PAUL DE CHARTRES AUSTRALIA Upgrade nursing home resident room lighting from fluorescent to LED $25,000
SOAPBOX BREWING CO PTY LTD Frigid brewery refrigeration automation, optimisation and energy savings $24,280
SONYALLAN PTY. LTD. Energy efficient Air-Conditioner replacement program $20,000
SOUTH CAIRNS RESORT PTY LTD Replacement of old air conditioners $25,000
SOUTH GLADSTONE MOTEL PTY LTD Replacing box hole in the wall air conditioning units $25,000
SOUTHERN SUBURBS FOOTBALL CLUB (MACKAY) INC Upgrade our old-style lighting to LED lighting $25,000
SPARKLETOWN OPERATIONS PTY LTD Car Wash - Solar Viability Assessment $25,000
SSHL PTY LTD Install air conditioner controls and power factor devices. $25,000
STAR LEASEHOLD INVESTMENTS PTY LTD Install air conditioner controls and power factory devices $25,000
STRAND FITNESS PTY LTD Improvements to Energy Consumption $25,000
STRETCH FAMILY FARMS PTY LTD Improved Farming Energy Management and Emission Reductions $24,065
SUNCOAST RESTAURANTS PTY. LIMITED Augellos Restaurant Mooloolaba $25,000
THE AYR HOTEL PTY LTD Energy Cost Reduction for Ayr Hotel $25,000
THE BEACH BAR & GRILL PTY LTD Refrigeration replacement $21,450
THE CORNER SHOPPE PTY LTD Refrigeration Upgrade $25,000
THE LAUNDRY LADY PTY LTD Laundry Lady Energy Monitoring and Efficiency Program $25,000
THE LINK COLLECTIVE PTY LTD Replace existing fluorescent lighting with energy efficient LED lighting. $11,200
THE SHED TRAINING PTY LTD Small business greatly improving their energy efficiency for Australia $19,100
TWEAK TULLY PTY LTD Running for a Greener Future – proposing a healthier environment/community $25,000
V & G FOODS PTY LTD Installation of Energy Efficient Refrigeration system $25,000
V2 FOOD PTY LTD Energy Saving Upgrades to commercial refrigeration $25,000
Witteveen Ventures Pty Ltd Improving Energy Demand on the Electrical System $10,000
WONGABURRA SOCIETY Energy efficiency project $25,000

South Australia

Applicant details Project title Grant amount
A.C.N. 165 548 425 PTY LTD Replacing inefficient refrigeration with insulated cold room space $25,000
A.J PARKER-BENTON & R.F PARKER-BENTON Energy efficiency measures for lavender farm operations and accommodation $18,000
AMSAT OAK (AUSTRALIA) PTY LTD Gas to Solar Oak Roasting Conversion $25,000
BARTON-LANE PTY LTD Refrigeration Automation & Control System $23,900
BENTLEYS HOTEL TRADING PTY LTD Accommodation air-conditioning & refrigeration replacement $25,000
BIG SHED BREWING CONCERN PTY LTD Frigid brewery refrigeration automation, optimisation and energy savings $24,280
BOCCE CLUB PTY LTD Coccobello AC Plant Upgrade $25,000
BOWDEN BREWING PTY LTD Frigid brewery refrigeration automation, optimisation and energy savings. $24,280
BOWHILL ENGINEERING PTY LTD Boweng Power Factor Correction and Harmonic Filtration $25,000
CAPAT INVESTMENTS PTY LTD Fan Upgrade Group Fitness Studios $21,500
D WILLIS & R.P WILLIS Replace Air Compressor and Dryer $21,665
D.R. & R.M. HARDING PTY. LTD. Replace old inefficient fixed speed ceiling cassettes with new units $25,000
EMPORIUM CHEF PTY LTD Decrease energy consumption for freezing products $25,000
EMPORIUM CHEF PTY LTD Emporium Farm - Upgrade of irrigation system $25,000
FEATHERS HOTEL PTY. LIMITED Energy efficiency refrigeration equipment $25,000
FERNFIELD (SA) PTY LTD Business-Wide Efficiency Improvements from Sustainability Plan $24,800
GAMBIER HOTEL PTY. LIMITED Energy efficiency refrigeration equipment $25,000
GAWLER GOLF CLUB INCORPATED Sandy Creek Golf Club Bore Efficiency Optimisation $25,000
HAYES GROUP WINE COMPANY PTY. LTD. Tank Process Control Systems $14,320
HOTEL EYRE PTY. LIMITED Eyre Energy Audit and Refrigeration Upgrades $25,000
KEITH GOLF CLUB INCORPORATED Increasing the Energy Efficiency of Refrigeration at the Keith Golf Club $20,806
KNISPEL BROS. PTY. LTD. Energy conservation via heat transfer reduction $25,000
LANGHORNE CREEK PREMIUM VINEYARDS PTY LTD Installation of a Power Factor Corrector at Belvidere Winery $25,000
Mclaren Vintners Pty Ltd Frigid winery refrigeration automation, optimisation and energy savings $24,280
PARKERS BREWING CO PTY LTD Frigid brewery refrigeration automation, optimisation and energy savings. $24,280
PETER DAMIAN AND CAROLYN IRIS HASKETT Cafe freezer upgrade $17,622
PROJECT WINE PTY LTD Insulate wine storage tanks $25,000
R4E PTY LTD Lighting & Water Heating Energy Efficiency Improvements $25,000
RRP INVESTMENTS PTY LTD Lighting Replacement $10,000
SALISBURY HOTEL TRADING PTY LTD Temperature controlled enhancement of the Patio Bar $25,000
SCHWARZ WINE COMPANY PTY LTD wine cooling - upgrade current systems $25,000
SOMERTON BOWLING CLUB INC SBC Bar Refrigeration Equipment Upgrade $25,000
SUSSEX HOTEL TRADING PTY LTD Energy Efficiency Upgrades $25,000
THE J D HARDY FAMILY TRUST & THE ADMIRAAL TRUST Belair Road Air Management Replacement Program $25,000
The Pawn Wine Company Pty Ltd Improving Energy Efficiency in the Pawn Wine Storage Facility $24,450
Thompra Pty Ltd Thompra PTY LTD t/as Southgate Motel SA $25,000
WATSACOWIE BREWING COMPANY PTY LTD Frigid brewery refrigeration automation, optimisation and energy savings. $24,280
WILLUNGA BASIN WATER CO. PTY. LTD. Enabling energy efficiency in the Willunga Basin Water Scheme $25,000
WOOLSTORE BREWERY PTY LTD Frigid brewery refrigeration automation, optimisation and energy savings $24,280
WORKSPACE BAROSSA PTY LTD Improving the heating & cooling efficiencies, comfort of Workspace Barossa. $25,000


Applicant details Project title Grant amount
Dovetail Timbers Pty Ltd Increase Energy Efficiency of Dovetail Timbers Production Site $25,000
DYNAMIC MAINTENANCE SOLUTIONS PTY LTD EV Charging Stations and Additional Solar $24,731
GUNN, SARAH Energy Efficiency Upgrades $25,000
M & D SPORTS PTY LTD Infants Pool Cover & Upgrade to Energy Management System $25,000
MALLEE RESOURCES LIMITED Enhanced Energy Metering and Data Collection to Achieve Carbon Zero $25,000
PICNIC ISLAND PTY LTD Energy efficiency upgrades on Picnic Island $24,999
SAWYERS BAY SHACKS PTY LTD Double glazing windows/sliding doors $25,000
STEPHEN WILLIAMS Energy efficiency upgrade of house $25,000
TAMAR VALLEY ROSES PTY. LTD. Packing Shed Energy Efficiency Project $25,000
TANDARA LODGE COMMUNITY CARE INC Energy efficient heat pump clothes drier $19,550
VAN DIEMENS LAND CREAMERY PTY. LTD. maximise heat recovery at Van Diemens Land Creamery $25,000


Applicant details Project title Grant amount
A.K SQUIRES & C.F SQUIRES Pipe work efficiency upgrade $24,949
AGILE AUTO EXPORTS PTY LTD Energy Efficiency Grant for Car Dismantling and Exporting $24,000
AKMM PTY LTD Energy Saving For AFDC $24,000
Allviron Pty Ltd Compressor Upgrade $25,000
ANACUS PTY LTD Hot water Efficiency Upgrade $22,727
ANNAPURNA CAFE AND RESTAURANT PTY LTD Coolroom and Oven replacement $21,000
APPLES AND SAGE AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD. Refrigeration Refresh $25,000
ARKAROOLA INVESTMENTS PTY LTD Coatsworth Farm Energy Upgrade and Efficiency Program $25,000
AUSIMPORT PTY. LTD. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions $16,000
AUSPORK AUSTRALIA PTY LTD Auspork Australia - Energy Efficiencies $25,000
AUSSIE PRIDE PRODUCE PTY LTD Glasshouse heating - hydroponic vegetables increasing turnover. $25,000
AUSTRALIAN PUMPKIN SEED COMPANY PTY LTD Chocolate Processing Energy Upgrade $25,000
AUSTRALIAN TEXTILE INVESTMENTS PTY LTD Geelong Textiles Australia (GTA) - Energy Efficiency Upgrade $25,000
Automaint Solutions Pty Ltd Automaint Energy Efficiency Upgrades $25,000
AVON PTY LTD Federal Government Funding for Energy Efficiency Upgrades $25,000
Awesome Supply Pty Ltd Power Factor Correction equipment $25,000
BALA TRADING COMPANY PTY. LTD. Compressor Upgrade $16,300
BAR & TABLE PTY LTD Pinotta Cool Room $15,000
BB BAKERY PTY LTD Up the Hill Bakehouse. Equipment upgrade to more energy efficient item $25K $25,000
BEECHWORTH WINE ESTATES PTY LTD Maximise and Improve Energy Effiency $25,000
Berrydale Swim School 3-Phase & Heat Pump Installation at Berrydale Swim School $25,000
BHWC MEDICAL PTY LTD BHWC project to reduce greenhouse emissions & improve energy efficiency $25,000
BLEND AND PACK PTY. LTD. Path to Energy Efficient Plant $25,000
BOEHUNTER GROUP PTY LTD Office energy efficiency Renovation $25,000
BUNYIP HOLDINGS PTY LTD Energy efficiency upgrades for hot water and space heating $18,000
C BAGOT & C.J BAGOT Electrify using renewable energy $25,000
C.L DE FAZIO & M DEFAZIO Equipment Efficiency Upgrade $25,000
C.L KNEE & D.B KNEE Hot Water $15,343
CHOCOLATE AND CONFECTIONERY COMPANY PTY LTD Implementation of Heat Pumps for chocolate line warming $25,000
CLEANWAY GROUP PTY LTD Upgrade of the Cleanway processing facility to LED lights $25,000
D FLEMING PTY LTD variable speed pump drives $25,000
D.J MURPHY & T MURPHY Heat Pumps, Hot Water, Screw Compressors, Variable Speed Drives $25,000
DAL ZOTTO WINES PTY. LTD. Brine Line Insulation $16,258
DAMELLE NOMINEES PTY LTD New Bakery Oven $25,000
DAPENG GROUP PTY LTD Better Energy Consumption in Takeaway Retail $25,000
DE JONG, TANIA Replacement of dated, broken and non energy efficient items $23,000
DELLEAH PTY LTD Energy Efficiency $25,000
DHZ DENTAL PTY LTD AAA (Air-con & Autoclave) Upgrade $25,000
DIGITAL BASIS SERVICES PTY LTD Installation of energy efficient processes and equipment $25,000
DISCOVERED PTY LTD Mayday Hills energy efficiency Upgrades $25,000
DJRV PTY LTD DJRV Trust, Dairy InfoStructure, vacuum pump variable speed drive, $25,000 $25,000
DK WOOLSTENCROFT & N FRIAR Dairy Ice Bank VSD Upgrade $25,000
DUNCAN MCINTYRE PTY LTD Upgrading Energy Efficiency at Cornwall Park Horse Stud $25,000
DUNKELD PASTORAL CO. PTY. LTD. Conversion of 2 multistage water pumps to variable speed drive pumps $25,000
DUNKELD PASTORAL CO. PTY. LTD. Energy Audit $10,000
DUS FOOD PTY LTD Replacement of Proofer and Mixer $25,000
EXCELPLAS PTY. LTD. Building upgrades to our testing laboratory $25,000
EXPANSION YOGA & PILATES PTY LTD New Infra Red Heating System $25,000
EXQUISINE PTY. LTD. Conservation of energy $25,000
F CHEN & K LI dry cleaning machine replacement $25,000
F&S MCCOLLEY PTY LTD Sandbar Boutique Motel working towards Carbon Neutral $25,000
FLICKER'S AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD. Flicker's Australia's Energy Efficient Heat Pump Project $25,000
FZG UNITED PTY LTD New energy efficient split system at motel $25,000
G & J E CAVARSAN Energy efficient Hot Water Service Replacement $25,000
GAWNE HOLDINGS PTY. LTD. Three Phase Power upgrade to Recycle Pump $25,000
GB TECH PTY LTD ZERO Emission SMB $24,950
GEMMAK PTY LTD Energy Efficiency Upgrade - lights, cool room  and external shading $25,000
GHERKIN RELISH PTY LTD Upgrades to Improve Energy Efficiency for Gherkin Relish Kitchen $24,831
GLEN PARK COMMUNITY CENTRE INCORPORATED Energy Efficient Social Enterprise $17,008
GREAT WINE COMPANY PTY LTD Great Wine Company energy audit and efficiency project $25,000
GREGORY HAYSOM Heating and Cooling upgrade 10 South St $25,000
H.J MCRAE & J.M MCRAE & L.P MCRAE Refrigeration Heat Reclaim $17,917
HARJINDER SINGH Power Saving $25,000
HICKINBOTHAM.BIZ PTY LTD Kitchen Energy Efficiency Upgrade $22,000
HILLCO PTY LTD Energy Efficient Solar Hot Water $24,700
HQ2 FOOD & BEVERAGE SOLUTIONS PTY LTD Meeting the Future Challenges Part 2 $25,000
HUMAN MECHANICS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD THM Energy Efficiency Improvements $25,000
I.P PAYNE & T.J PAYNE Milawa Cider greener future $22,500
ICAKE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD Saving for further $25,000
IMMIX HOLDINGS PTY. LTD. Energy Consumption Monitoring $25,000
IMMIX INTEGRATED METAL MANAGEMENT PTY LTD Vezzani Machine Installation $25,000
INTER YEOSU PTY LTD Appliance Upgrade $25,000
J KNIGHT & S.M KNIGHT Upgrade old hard wired irrigation pumps to run on a Variable Speed drive $20,000
J.P MOLONEY & M.M MOLONEY & P.G MOLONEY & P.W MOLONEY Upgrade of Vacuum Pump within Rotary Dairy $23,500
JANINE KENNA Upgrade ageing electrical dairy equipment $25,000
JIYU PTY LTD Oven Replacement and Light $25,000
JK & KP KIRK Upgrading Variable Speed Vacuum Drive Unit $25,000
JK & NE MOLONEY Replacing Vacuum pump with Variable speed $25,000
K J PAYNTER & ASSOCIATES PTY LTD & The Trustee for K J Paynter Trust Energy expense reduction $20,000
K WILSON & S WILSON Wilson Dairy Generator Upgrade 2023 $25,000
KJL SERVICES PTY. LTD. Replace all equipment $19,200
KOFFEE CAT PTY LTD The Generals Energy Transformation $14,800
KTDJF KY PTY LTD Kyabram Country Motel Energy Efficiency program 2023 $20,493
LAUCHLAN DENNY Solar panel and battery installation + Electric hot water $24,000
LAVICA SP PTY LTD Energy improvement $22,000
LE REVE PATISSERIE PTY. LTD. iCake e-Saver 2023 $25,000
LEVARO PTY. LTD. Falls Creek Hotel Thermal Window Installation $25,000
LFX UNITED PTY LTD Switchboards upgrade $25,000
LIGHTMOVES PTY LTD Office HVAC replacement $25,000
LUC, TRAN Reducing the daily energy consumption of a podiatry clinic $14,500
MACIULIS & SON PTY LTD Motel Wellington Wodonga Energy Efficiency program Stage 2 $23,742
MAGNOLIA COCO PTY LTD Pool monitoring and sanitising upgrade $25,000
MAKBAK PTY LTD Energy Efficiency Upgrade - Oven insulation, Refrigeration and fan controls $25,000
MAKE BEER PTY. LTD. Process hot water heat pump project $23,950
MATILDA COLLECTIVE PTY LTD Refrigeration Upgrade $25,000
MD ENTERTAINMENT PTY LTD Energy Audit, Installation of LED Lighting and Lighting Control Equipment $25,000
MEDICAL FOR EVERYBODY CHIRNSIDE PARK PTY LTD Heating and cooling upgrade $24,133
MIAOSHENG PTY LTD Upgrade refrigerators $16,000
MIGRANT COFFEE PTY LTD Cool Room Installation $24,682
MILDREN & COYSH PTY. LIMITED Air Compressor $17,495
Minh Tang Solutions Energy Efficient Smoothie Bar $25,000
MODALITY8 PTY LTD Efficient Air, Power & Windows for Optimal Indoor Environment $25,000
MOONBLUE BERRIES PTY. LTD. Improving on farm energy efficiency through VSD install and motor upgrade $25,000
N J & R M PEARCE Upgrades of Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning & Upgrade Compressors $25,000
NED & KERRY PTY LTD Glazed & Split System $22,260
OASIS BAKERY PTY LTD Energy Efficiency Improvements - Air Conditioning and Refrigeration $25,000
OASIS FAIRFIELD PTY LTD Energy Efficiency Improvements - Lighting, Hot Water, Fans and Fridges $25,000
OASIS MORNINGTON PTY LTD Energy Efficiency Upgrade - Lighting, CW pumps, el. loggers and controls $25,000
OLD MATEY PTY. LTD. Energy Efficiency Plant and Equipment Upgrades $19,065
ORSIDA FRESH PTY LTD Compressor Upgrade $13,140
P T & P S SKILTON System water heating upgrade. $14,628
PACK-TAINERS PTY LTD Pack-Tainers Power Factor Correction Upgrade $25,000
PAGRO PTY. LTD. Prep counter upgrade $10,255
PARTNERS IN PLANNING PTY. LTD. Energy Upgrade $10,000
PATLAV (AUST) PTY LTD Press & Grocers Co. Malvern East - Energy Upgrade $25,000
PFTAGG PTY LTD Process Automation and Upgrading the monitoring Centre Pivot control units $25,000
PHILLIP & TEENA & JOHN & MARY POULOS Evaporator Compressor Upgrade $25,000
PICNIC FOODS PTY LTD Improving the energy efficiency of our warehouse $25,000
POLISHED BRANDS PTY. LTD. Project Suite 8 Energy Efficiency Upgrades $25,000
PRE DRINKS BAR PTY LTD Bar upgrade $24,000
PREMIUM ESTATE BOTTLERS PTY LTD Premium Estate Bottlers - Energy Saving Project $25,000
Prestige Paving Pty Ltd Fuel Management System Upgrade $25,000
PROBST PTY LTD Improvement to premises' energy efficiency $15,218
PROGRESSIVE CET PTY LTD Commercial Fridge Replacement $11,500
PURE BLISS ESSENTIAL OILS Deli Fridge Upgrade $18,000
R.E GRAHAM & S HASTINGS-BLAYN Counterweight Energy Upgrade $23,000
R.J. & J.R. RIXON PTY. LTD. Improving Energy Efficiency 2023 $25,000
RADEVSKI COOLSTORES PTY. LTD. Power Factor Correction $25,000
REC XPRESS PTY LTD HVAC upgrade $25,000
RETURN TO PERFORMANCE PTY LTD Windows and heat pump dryer $25,000
ROWEVET PTY LTD Heat Pump Dryer Upgrade and Double Glazing $16,859
RUNNING POSTMAN INVESTMENTS PTY LTD Upgrade of equipment and systems $19,000
S. S. NARANG ENTERPRISES PTY LTD Heating Ventilation and Airconditioning (HVAC) & Commercial Refrigeration $25,000
S.C FINGER & L.A Finger 3-phase electric power to bore & underpass with upgrades to pumping systems $22,892
SANREY PTY LTD Energy efficient equipment replacement $25,000
SECURI-CAP PTY LTD Building Fabric $25,000
SEHREY PTY. LTD. Energy Efficient Refrigeration project for a cafe $20,000
SHALULAH PTY. LTD. heat/cool $13,310
SIEGERTEAM PTY LTD Commercial Salad Bar Refrigeration Unit Replacement $15,000
SIMON HAIGH Old Dental Chair Replacement $25,000
SIMON'S CAKES PTY. LTD. Upgrade Cake Display Refrigerators and Pastry Mixer $14,650
SJ & RM TREVASKIS Powering our small business into the future $25,000
SOLAR LINK AUSTRALIA PTY LTD Replacement of existing air-conditioning with energy efficient equipment $25,000
SUNDAE BODY PTY LTD Project Suite 7 Energy Efficiency Upgrades $25,000
THE BUBBLE EXPRESS PTY. LTD. Air Conditioner Replacement $10,500
The trustee for Jerry Yang Family Trust & The trustee for Little Monk Family Trust & The Trustee for MICHAEL ZICCONE FAMILY TRUST & M ZICCONE ERC AIR COND/FRIDGE UPGRADE $18,500
THE WINE CONCIERGE SERVICE PTY LTD Energy efficiency plan and HVAC upgrade $25,000
THOMAS & WILLIAMS PTY LTD Energy efficiency on Claremont $11,260
TOM MCLOUGHLAN CONTRACTING PTY LTD Air Conditioning Upgrade and Cooling $25,000
TOWNBROOK HOLDINGS PTY LTD Air conditioning and cooling upgrade $25,000
TOWNBROOK MOTELS PTY. LTD. Air conditioning and cooling upgrade $25,000
TRAVELLER'S REST HOTEL (VIC) PTY LTD Retiring gas equipment with energy efficient electricity $25,000
TRI-TECH CHEMICAL CO. PTY. LTD. Compressed Air Efficiency Upgrade $19,000
VALLUNGA PTY. LTD. Energy Efficiency Upgrades $25,000
Venue Management Services Pty Ltd Harvest & Soul- Providore $25,000
VFS DISTRIBUTION PTY LTD Light Replacements $19,195
Vicious Group Pty Ltd SUP Unit Main Room Timed Cooling $15,000
VICTORIAN SQUASH MANAGEMENT PTY LTD Multi Sports Squash and Racquetball Project. $25,000
VILLAGE MOTEL PTY. LTD. Upgrade Air conditioning units to Split Systems $25,000
VIOLET LIGHT PTY LTD Brewery equipment insulation $24,500
VITAN NOMINEES PTY. LTD. Vitan Nominees - Boiler Upgrade $25,000
WANGZHANG ENTERPRISES PTY LTD Upgrade Commercial Refrigeration $25,000
WILLDARBEN PTY. LTD. Electrification of diesel-powered irrigation pump $25,000
WILLIAM & LYN INVESTMENT PTY. LTD. upgrade Commercial Refrigeration $25,000
WIN WIN VN PTY LTD Lighting, energy and power supply monitoring upgrade $14,000
WINBOURNE 2018 PTY LTD Upgrade fridges and freezers at my Cafe $20,000
WOOD STREET WINDOWS PTY. LTD. Air conditioning efficiency project $25,000
WW&L PTY LTD Moving towards eco-commercial food service $18,000

Western Australia

Applicant details Project title Grant amount
A & D WA PTY LTD Sanative energy save $22,000
A.E CHRISTIDIS & H.B CHRISTIDIS Insulate and protect north western side of winery shed $24,500
ADVANCED BRAKING PTY LTD ABT Compressor and Parts Washer Upgrade $25,000
ARBORTECH PTY. LTD. Arbortech's steps towards net zero $25,000
B WARNER & C.M WARNER Upgrade Irrigation Pumps $19,400
B.J NG CHEONG TIN & J.N NG CHEONG TIN Cockburn Super Clinic Pharmacy Energy Grant 2023 $23,000
BEIJING CAPITAL HOLDINGS PTY LTD Energy Efficiency Project $25,000
BELINDA GILBERT LOL Fridge Upgrades $25,000
BESBAZ TSJ PTY LTD Savings using energy efficient options in a small Newsagency $21,000
BIBRA LAKE PHARMACY PTY LTD Engery efficient Pharmacy $23,000
BURLEIGH ACUPUNCTURE PTY. LTD. Refit Allied Health Clinic with Innovative Energy and Insulation Upgrades $25,000
CCS RENTALS PTY LTD Replacing & Upgrading Power Supply to office and workshop $25,000
CLARKE RETREAT PTY LTD Hidden Grove Retreat Improving Energy Efficiency $20,000
Cockburn GP Super Clinic Limited Replacement of light fittings Program $25,000
CONSOLIDATED TRANSPORT SERVICES PTY LTD Replacing Transport Sector Energy Efficient Equipment $25,000
COOKE & CHEF PTY LTD Jaylea’s Patisserie & Lunch Bar Refrigeration Upgrade $25,000
COWBEECH PTY LTD Power, lighting, HVAC building fabric review & upgrade $11,000
DENMARK FOREST RETREAT PTY LTD To improve the energy efficiences across a small accommodation business. $23,800
DOUBLEVIEW VET HOLDINGS PTY LTD Air conditioner replacement, LED replacement, refrigerator replacement. $15,000
EAST FREMANTLE YACHT CLUB INC Energy Efficient Lighting Replacement Programme $19,500
EK CONTRACTING PTY LTD Pilbara Replacement & Upgrade to Energy Efficient Equipment for our Mob $25,000
ELANOR FUNDS MANAGEMENT LIMITED Stirling Street - Energy Efficiency $25,000
EMERGENCY BUILDING GROUP (WA) PTY LTD EBG Restoration Equipment Upgrade $25,000
ESPERANCE GOLDFIELDS SURF LIFE SAVING CLUB INC Clubhouse Refurbishment - LED's replacement $25,000
EX ENGINEERING PTY LTD 2040 Net Zero $25,000
FOR PAWS AND FEATHERS PTY LTD Project: New energy efficient X-Ray Machine $25,000
FOR PAWS AND FEATHERS PTY LTD Project Air Conditioner replacement $25,000
FOR PAWS AND FEATHERS PTY LTD Project Lighting/light Bulb Efficiency $25,000
GLOBAL COATING SYSTEMS PTY LTD GCS - Rockingham Workshop Energy Optimisation $25,000
HAY ST INVESTMENTS PTY LTD The Wembley Hotel $25,000
HIRUNDO PTY LTD Hirundo air systems replacement with high efficiency air systems. $23,000
K9 PLAYTIME PET SERVICES PTY. LTD. Project Efficiency $22,727
KDM FOODS PTY LTD Gas fired confectionery cooker replacement $25,000
KIJAK CORPORATION PTY LTD BZ Energy Efficient Future $25,000
LARRIKIN HOLDINGS PTY LTD Changeover of bookstore from High Watt lighting to Low Watt LED Lighting $15,900
LITTLE PHETE PTY LTD Energy Efficiency Upgrades for Exmouth Brewery $25,000
LIZATOVICH, JEMMA Transition to in house production $18,900
LOVELL ANDREAS GROUP PTY LTD Replacement of old Gas Hot water Systems to Heat Pump Systems $25,000
MANAWA PTY LTD Save Energy $25,000
MARCHAMLEY PTY LTD Pizza hut Armadale  energy efficiency  project $25,000
MGR WA PTY LTD InnoLab Cafe $25,000
MILA HOLDINGS PTY LTD Replacement of Diesel HWU $25,000
MONDINO PTY LTD Mondo Nougat's Sustainable Sweets Energy Saver Project $25,000
MONETA AUSTRALIA PTY LTD Office refurbishment $25,000
NADEE PTY LTD LED Lighting in Signage Energy Improvements $25,000
NULLY PTY LTD Upgrade air conditioning and fridges to Nullagine General Store $25,000
NYAX GROUP PTY LTD Improving energy efficiency through upgrade of 20+ yr commercial equipment. $25,000
ORR MEDIA GROUP PTY LTD Replacement of halogen & fluorescent lights with energy saving LED lights $10,000
OUR CHARNLEY PTY LTD Sustainable Chill: Upgrading Cafe Refrigeration for Eco-Friendly Cooling $25,000
Perth City Farm Inc. Lighting and Heat Pump for City Farm $15,234
PETIT FARM PTY LTD Chiller $25,000
PLG REALTY PTY LTD Energy efficiency upgrades to office $15,470
PROFLUID PTY LTD Energy reduction - Profluid facilities $12,200
R AYAD & N.M NORRIS & THE TRUSTEE FOR JR DISCRETIONARY TRUST Pharmacy 777 Connolly - energy efficiency project $22,000
RADOJKOVICH, PAUL Environmental Optimisation of Wine Production at Jadran Wines $25,000
ROTARY RESIDENTIAL COLLEGE INC Rotary Residential College Air Conditioner Upgrade for Energy Efficiency $19,369
SALASE-COLETTI CORPORATION PTY LTD Becoming Energy Efficient $25,000
SCULPTURE PERSONAL TRAINING Project: Come to our gym and decrease your energy ! $20,050
Shelley Pharmacy Split system AC $11,500
SR PHARMACY PARTNERS PTY LTD Ducted air-con $25,000
STELLA BELLA WINES PTY LTD Karridale Winery Energy Efficiency Project $25,000
STORAGE SEEKER PTY. LTD. Equipment and building upgrades to reduce energy usage $24,630
SUNPOINT HOLDINGS PTY LTD Refrigeration and lighting upgrade $25,000
THE BLUEBERRY FARM PTY LTD Blueberry packhouse upgrade $25,000
THE MAR THOMA PARISH PERTH INCORPORATED Emissions Reduction for a small Not for Profit migrant community entity $17,000
THE NOWHERE GROUP PTY LTD Frigid brewery refrigeration automation, optimisation and energy savings. $24,280
THE RHEIN DONAU CLUB (INC) Community Hall - Coolroom Upgrade $25,000
WESTERN AUSTRALIAN HONEY PTY LTD Replacement of Plant and Machinery $22,500
ZEUS EMBROIDERY PTY LTD Replace embroidery equipment $24,000

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