Successful grant recipients

Applicant Organisation Project Title Species Other Species Targeted State Grant Approved
Australian Network For Plant Conservation Inc Enabling Future Recovery of Rhodomyrtus psidioides by Safe Custody ex situ Native Guava ACT $249,836
Murray Darling Wetlands Working Group Ltd Supporting the Plains-wanderer on the Murrumbidgee Floodplain Plains-Wanderer NSW $193,800
Ozfish Unlimited Limited Habitat Actions to Safeguard the Endangered Murray Hardyhead Murray Hardyhead NSW $226,874
The Sydney Aquarium Company Pty Limited Conservation of the Endangered White’s Seahorse and Cauliflower Soft Coral White's Seahorse Cauliflower Soft Coral NSW $233,607
Australia's Wildlife Ark Inc Aussie Ark New Holland Mouse Project New Holland Mouse NSW $248,000
The Wombat Foundation Protection, Supplementation and Expansion of Northern Hairy-nosed Wombats Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat NSW $248,000
Wilsons Creek Huonbrook Landcaregroup Cross border Recovery of the Critically Endangered Border Ranges Lined Fern Border Ranges Lined Fern NSW $183,500
Bellinger Landcare Inc Addressing Threats to the Critically Endangered Georges Snapping Turtle Bellinger River Snapping Turtle NSW $210,000
Warddeken Land Management Limited Mayh Recovery Program White-throated Grasswren Northern Brush-tailed Possum, Northern Quoll NT $250,000
Central Land Council Joint Management Actions to Protect and Recover Acacia peuce at Akerre (NT) Waddy-wood NT $98,018
Indigenous Desert Alliance Limited Assessing the Status of Tjakura and Implementing Recovery Actions Great Desert Skink NT $204,640
Reef Catchments (Mackay Whitsunday Isaac) Limited Prioritisation of Eastern Curlew Habitat in the Mackay Region Eastern Curlew QLD $90,000
Artemis Nature Fund Inc Reversing Woodland Thickening to save Golden-Shouldered Parrots Golden-shouldered Parrot QLD $136,055
Quoll Society of Australia Inc Stepping Stones in the Southern Downs Regent Honeyeater QLD $238,300
Fitzroy Basin Association Inc Saving the Critically Endangered Kroombit Tinkerfrog from Extinction Kroombit Tinker Frog QLD $195,252
Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland Brush-tailed Rock-Wallaby Recovery in Southern Queensland Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby QLD $198,375
Noosa and District Landcare Group Inc Enhancing Koala Habitat and Community Koala Monitoring in the Noosa Region Koala QLD $249,985
FNQ NRM Ltd Increase Northern Quoll Range in an area already Occupied by Cane Toads Northern Quoll QLD $247,564
Gidarjil Development Corporation Limited Indigenous Rangers Protecting Culturally Significant Threatened Species Australasian Bittern, Bulberin Nut, Koala, Green Turtle Bulberin Nut, Koala, Green Turtle QLD $250,000
Fitzroy Basin Association Inc Protecting King Bluegrass in Albinia National Park King Blue-grass QLD $248,615
Pullen Pullen Catchments Group Inc Improving Collared Delma Trajectories in Brisbane’s Western Suburbs Collared Delma QLD $108,788
Goolwa To Wellington Local Action Planning Association Incorporated Habitat Improvement for Nationally Threatened Birds - Lower Lakes/Coorong Australasian Bittern Hooded Plover, Orange-bellied Parrot SA $50,800
Murraylands and Riverland Landscape Board Protecting the Black-eared Miner from Extinction due to Hybridisation Black-eared Miner SA $125,267
Friends of Shorebirds SE Incorporated Protecting Hooded Plovers by Controlling Beach Weeds on the Limestone Coast Hooded Plover SA $171,000
Ecological Horizons Pty Ltd Protecting Malleefowl at Secret Rocks Nature Reserve Malleefowl SA $79,000
Nature Glenelg Pty Ltd Boom or Bust: Coordinated Species-level Actions to Recover Murray Hardyhead Murray Hardyhead SA $243,350
Hills and Fleurieu Landscape Board Assisted Reproduction and Reintroductions for Southern Bell Frog Recovery Growling Grass Frog SA $250,000
Kangaroo Island Land For Wildlife (KI LFW) Association Incorporated Feral Cat and Pig Management for Conservation of the KI Echidna Kangaroo Island-Echidna SA $249,950
South Australian Arid Lands Landscape Board Implementing Short and Long-term Safeguards for Arckaringa Daisy in SA Arckaringa Daisy SA $183,326
Wilderness School Limited Wilderness School - Custodians of Crawford - Woods Well Spyridium Project Wood Well Spyridium SA $147,791
Northern and Yorke Landscape Board Removing Barriers to the Conservation of the Pygmy Bluetongue Lizard Pygmy Blue-tongue Lizard SA $249,950
Cradle Coast Authority Enhancing King Island Brown Thornbill Habitat Patches for Future Corridors King Island-Thornbill TAS $248,890
Cradle Coast Authority Community Support for Maugean Skate Recovery Maugean Skate TAS $98,339
Southern Regional Natural Resource Management Association Restoring Habitat for Critically Endangered Red Handfish Red Handfish TAS $247,088
Southern Regional Natural Resource Management Association Improving the Long-Term Trajectory of the Endangered Swan Galaxias Swan Galaxias TAS $246,000
Bush Heritage Australia Enhancing Habitat for New Holland Mouse at Friendly Beaches Reserve New Holland Mouse TAS $90,006
Landscape Recovery Foundation Ltd Prasophyllum Taphanyx Recovery Project Graveside Leek-orchid TAS $73,060
South Gippsland Landcare Network Hooded Plover Protection Along the Bunurong Coast, San Remo to Waratah Bay Hooded Plover VIC $248,015
Birdlife Australia Renovation Revival for the South-eastern Red-tailed Black Cockatoo Red-tailed Black Cockatoo VIC $129,056
Glenelg - Hopkins Catchment Management Authority Managing Pine invasion of Feeding Habitat of the Red-tailed Black Cockatoo Red-tailed Black Cockatoo VIC $249,967
Birdlife Australia Increasing Breeding and Reintroductions to Save the Regent Honeyeater Regent Honeyeater VIC $235,003
Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority Swift Parrot Pantry: Increasing the Abundance of Critical Nectar Resources Swift Parrot Regent Honeyeater VIC $248,972
Birdlife Australia Creating a Future for the Western Ground Parrot - Kyloring. Western Ground-Parrot VIC $248,769
Bush Heritage Australia Spring-cleaning for Red-finned Blue-eye Redfin Blue-eye VIC $180,532
Landcare Victoria Inc Creating a Network of Dams - Protecting Growling Grass Frog Habitat Growling Grass Frog VIC $238,953
Connecting Country (Mt Alexander Region) Inc Bursaria for Butterflies: Building Habitat for Eltham Copper Butterfly Eltham Copper Butterfly VIC $94,000
Port Phillip and Westernport Catchment Management Authority Shining a Light - The Eltham Copper Butterfly Habitat Restoration Project Eltham Copper Butterfly VIC $245,636
Bass Coast Landcare Network Inc Enhanced Knowledge and Protection of the Giant Gippsland Earthworm Giants Gippsland Earthworm VIC $249,824
Workways Australia Limited Southern Pink Underwing Moth Habitat Restoration in NE NSW Pink Underwing Moth VIC $187,288
East Gippsland Conservation Management Network Predator Monitoring and Cat-Control Trial for the Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby VIC $200,663
Dunkeld Pastoral Co Pty Ltd Enhancing Prospects for Eastern Quoll Recovery in South-West Victoria Eastern Quoll VIC $250,000
Port Phillip and Westernport Catchment Management Authority Securing a Future for Lowland Leadbeater’s Possum Leadbeater's Possum VIC $147,417
North East Catchment Management Authority B. parvus: Connecting Habitat and Food Sources for Species Resilience Mountain Pygmy-possum VIC $177,000
Glenelg - Hopkins Catchment Management Authority Blowing Away on the Plains: Recovery of Adamson's Blown Grass on the VVP Adamson's Blown Grass VIC $242,123
Environs Kimberley Inc Threatened Species of Rocky Outcrops and Claypans of the Great Sandy Desert Night Parrot Northern Brush-tailed Possum, Northern Quoll WA $243,831
Australian Wildlife Conservancy Securing the Future of the Critically Endangered Central Rock-rat Central Rock Rat WA $249,862
Peel-Harvey Catchment Council Inc Dryandra Woonta: Protecting Threatened Numbat and Chuditch Chuditch Numbat WA $221,100
Gilbert's Potoroo Action Group Inc Protecting and Restoring a Key Mainland Population of Gilbert’s Potoroo Gilbert's Potoroo WA $248,140
Northern Agricultural Catchments Council Incorporated Safeguarding Mid West Flora Eremophila subangustifolia Wongan Eriostemon WA $242,263
South Coast Natural Resource Management Inc Recovery Actions for Stirling Range Threatened Flora Impacted by Bushfires Giant Andersonia Stirling Range Dryandra WA $191,752

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