Round 1 successful applicants

Recipient Organisation Project Description Grant (Exc GST) Expected Total Investment (Exc GST) Project Location
Armour Energy (Surat Basin) Pty Limited The Kincora Gas Acceleration Project: Accelerate development of Armour Energy's Kincora reserves by accelerating the delivery of a further 3 production wells in the 2018 campaign. $6,000,000 $16,130,468 Qld Surat Basin
West Side Corporation Pty Limited Greater Meridian domestic gas acceleration project: Accelerate the development of gas reserves for the domestic market by drilling10 additional wells equivalent to single lateral wells. $6,000,000 $14,340,000 Qld Bowen Basin
Beach Energy Limited (Adelaide Energy Pty Ltd) Katnook Gas Processing Facility: Construction of a new Katnook Gas Processing Facility to process gas from the South East of South Australia. $6,000,000 $22,600,000 SA Otway Basin
Tri-Star Fairfields Pty Ltd Tri-Star Fairfields Gas Project: Accelerate the development of the Fairfields Gas Project by drilling an additional three wells in 2019 (bring total of wells drilled to 4). $6,000,000 $16,344,514 Qld Bowen Basin
Australian Gasfields Limited Accelerate the refurbishment and restarting of its Australian Gasfields Ltd Eromanga and Gilmore gas processing facilities, located in South West Qld, currently connected to existing gas $2,000,000 $135,465,144 Qld Advale/Cooper Basin

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