Grant recipient organisation Project title Grant amount Global partners
University of Sydney Transitioning Australian Pulses into Protein-based Food Industries $993,573 Singapore
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Smart prefabricated chamber to prevent highly contagious diseases $500,000 Canada
Curtin University Broadband fibre optic sensing for subsurface resource characterisation $999,624 USA
Deep Brain Stimulation Technologies Pty Ltd More precise targeting of brain stimulation therapy for Parkinson’s disease $1,000,000 USA
Bellaseno Pty Ltd Transformation of the Implant Paradigm in Bone and Breast Reconstruction $1,000,000 Germany, Japan
Monash University Manufacturing and commercialization of novel [18F]-PET radiotracers $1,000,000 Germany
Flinders University Development of surgical training models of the knee, hip and spine $1,000,000 USA
Mantiss Corporation Pty Ltd Development of complementary preservatives for Australian meat products $525,000 Spain
The University of Queensland Improving Mineral, Coal and Oil Processing by De-aerating Persistent Froth $1,000,000 China, Canada
The University of Adelaide Developing a scientific verification tool for global timber supply chains $500,000 Singapore

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