International Space Investment – Expand Capability Grants

International Space Investment – Expand Capability will support Australian businesses and research organisations to become involved with international space agencies or established international space programs.

The grant is no longer available

What do you get?

Grants from $100,000 to $4 million.

Who is this for?

Australian companies and publicly funded research organisations.


The objectives of the International Space Investment – Expand Capability program are to:

  • unlock international space opportunities for the Australian space sector
  • expand the capability and capacity of the Australian space sector, and support job creation
  • demonstrate the Australian space sector’s ability to successfully deliver space-related products and services internationally

It aims to support projects which contribute to building a vision and an Australian space sector that inspires:

  • businesses
  • the Australian community
  • the next generation of space workforce, researchers and entrepreneurs


What are the eligibility criteria?

To be eligible you must be either:

  • an entity incorporated in Australia
  • a publicly funded research organisation (PFRO)

For more information on eligibility please refer to the grant opportunity guidelines.


How do you apply?

The International Space Investment – Expand Capability Grants is closed to applications.

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Grant recipients

View the list of grant recipients that have been offered funding for the International Space Investment - Expand Capability Grants.

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