JobCover Placement Program NSW

The JobCover Placement Program provides incentives to employers to employ a worker who has a work related injury or illness and is unable to return to work with their pre-injury employer.
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What do you get?

Incentive payments of up to $15,600 for up to 12 months.

Who is this for?

NSW businesses.


Employers participating in this scheme will receive:

  • incentive payments for up to 12 months
  • an exemption of the injured worker’s wages from the employer’s workers compensation premium calculation for up to 2 years
  • protection against further costs associated with changes occurring to the worker’s existing injury for up to 2 years.

The maximum incentive payments are:

  • $400 per week for the first 12 weeks (maximum of $4,800)
  • $500 per week for the next 14 weeks (maximum $7,000)
  • $600 per week for the next 26 weeks (maximum $15,600).

Check if you can apply

To be eligible, employers must:

  • be a different employer to the pre-injury employer
  • hold a current workers compensation policy with an insurer or a self-insurer’s licence
  • not be grouped with the pre-injury employer for workers compensation insurance or insured under the same group self-insurer licence as the pre-injury employer
  • be able to offer employment to a worker for a minimum of 12 months
  • provide a minimum of 64 paid hours per month or a return to the worker's pre-injury hours
  • not be in receipt of any other wage subsidy for the worker
  • adhere to their jurisdiction’s workers compensation and workplace health and safety legislation.

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