Recipient Organisation Project Title Project Description Grant Amount (up to)
Australian Centre For Contemporary Art STEM in ART The project support a new learning program to engage students from regional and low SES areas to participate in STEM in ART inquiry-based education workshops. $100,000
University of New England A Maker & Breaker CoLab: inclusive community STEM engagement in New England The project aims to bring to life a dedicated maker space for New England. In the space we will facilitate STEM programs for young Ezidi refugees ages 6-18 years and their families, and for regional girls ages 8-14 years. The STEM focused, purpose designed programs will bring together young people in a future focused space, of which nothing of its kind exists in Armidale. Participants will benefit from hands on challenges, learning new skills in order to solve user-identified challenges. Ezidi young people will be immersed in a safe space to acquire a language in STEM, but also improve English language in group work on STEM concepts. $66,080
Adelaide Crows Foundation Limited STEM Footy STEMfooty is an integrated, differential phased 10 week in school educational STEM program for year 7 students. STEMfooty uses a non-traditional setting, sport as a medium to teach traditional STEM principles, uses both experiential & contemporary academic approaches to engage students. It encourages students who may not be traditionally inclined to engage in STEM subjects to see the application of STEM in their interest areas. The project encourages students already STEM inclined to consider the application of their STEM skills in a field they may not traditionally be inclined to. $97,100
Arludo Pty Ltd Improving science and 21st century skills for all Australian children The project will engage primary and secondary students with a suite of existing Arludo educational mobile apps. Arludo apps help students quickly perform science experiments and accurately collect data. The project will help students develop a wide range of skills essential for future career pathways, including: data analytics, critical thinking, collaboration, leadership, communication and digital literacy. In the long term, these skills will enable the next generation to participate productively in complex scientific debate and public discourse. $98,550
Products for Industry Pty. Ltd. Stellar STEM Stellar STEM is a series of interactive workshops held at low socio-economic schools in Brisbane, Ipswich, and Logan. The aim is to inspire and engage female students to participate in STEM activities and careers. It is presented by a panel of women in STEM and is divided into three parts: a question and answer panel, three specialist hands-on workshops running on a cycle for smaller groups of students, and the firing of a hybrid rocket motor on the school oval. We are targeting key influencers of girls, teachers and parents, via a digital STEM Survival Kit to combat key barriers to entry into STEM. $100,000
Macquarie University Enabling a Better Future: STEM Making Within Low SES Regions This project will empower youth from low socioeconomic status regions to gain leadership and STEM skills and address local and global challenges. Students will be provided with STEM maker kits for projects that genuinely contribute to their community, themed around smart gardens, sustainable energy sources and water purification. They will be supported in the development of these projects through mentoring by STEM educators including First Nations scientists. Leading STEM Maker activities at established school, community and university events, these students will become inspirational role models for further youth under-represented in STEM and will promote STEM as an enabler of a better future. $100,000
University of the Sunshine Coast RoboCoast STEM Outreach Project The project aims to widen the participation of underrepresented (girls, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, people with disabilities and people living in regional, rural and remote areas) aged 8 - 15 years, in STEM focused maker activities using robotics and technologies. With a view to garnering interest in STEM subjects at school, future transition into tertiary studies and STEM occupations. The project will achieve this via inquiry-based immersion days and eDiscovery Vacation Camps presented in the South East Queensland North, Wide Bay Burnett and Central Queensland regions, where previously these programs have only been available to youth on the Sunshine Coast. $100,000
University of Technology Sydney Increasing gender equity impact: Engaging families in STEM from Years 5-12 The project will scale an in-curriculum, multi-touchpoint STEM program engaging girls who may not opt-in to extracurricular STEM activities across Years 5-8, addressing the influence of families on girls’ confidence and interest in STEM: focal 4-6 week hands-on STEM projects will be complemented with face-to-face activities for 20 low socio-economic metropolitan schools, and online digitised content and videoconferencing for 10 regional schools. Over two years, we aim to reach 6,100 girls, their teachers and families. $100,000
The University of Newcastle Charge Around Australia STEM Roadshow A STEM engagement experience focussed on sustainability, energy, and energising student’s interest in STEM based careers. Delivered in conjunction with Charge Around Australia (CAA), the first circumnavigation of Australia by a commercial electric vehicle, the roadshow will visit rural, regional, and remote communities across six states and territories. Students will interact with research scientists working on next generation solar; as well as making their own plastic solar cell to keep. Along with the physical roadshow, a suite of digital resources will be developed to support student learning engagement before, during, and after the CAA roadshow event at their school. $90,000
Young Change Agents Limited Making Things That Matter - Youth Social Entrepreneurship The project aims to help young people with business ideas by removing the barriers that are stopping them progressing their ideas further. With a focus on young women, indigenous youth, and those in regional areas, youth will develop and apply STEM & entrepreneurial knowledge to launch social enterprises in response to the problems they've identified in their community. They will be provided with STEM, mentors, masterclasses & resources to bring their ideas to life. This will be done through four workshops & four intensive incubator programs’ delivered across four states in Australia. These programs will develop the students mindset, skillset & toolset to prepare them to create change through purpose-led business & technology. $100,000
Junior Engineers Education Uplifting participation rates in STEM across underrepresented groups in Australia Junior Engineers (JE) will deliver a national program in coding, robotics and digital technologies education, aimed at acquiring, engaging and educating underrepresented groups in STEM in order to increase student participation rates, uplift student achievement and positively impact future career pathways in STEM across cohorts of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander, female, and regionally based students. Across a 12-month period, JE will roll out 3 tailored programs, targeting each cohort detailed above. JE has partnered with subject matter experts to customise each curriculum to ensure that key school and student participation, progression and completion outcomes are achieved for every participating cohort of students. $100,000
Australian National University (ANU) STARS (Scientists Taking Astronomy to Regional Schools) STARS (Scientists Taking Astronomy to Regional Schools) engages primary and secondary school students located in rural, regional and remote locations through a series of visits by research scientists and PhD students in astronomy and astrophysics. Through targeted presentations, interactive workshops, Q&As, star-gazing evenings, learning how to operate telescopes and first-hand data astronomical data collection projects, students are exposed to, and are inspired by, the excitement of real-world science and its practitioners. We will gift a telescope and accessories to each school. Teachers and students are supported through the provision of a range of technical information, curriculum resources and student projects ideas. $85,000
InTEACT Virtual Resources for Networking and Cyber Security education The project will develop the virtual infrastructure, learning materials and assessment items required to deliver the expected learning outcomes of the ACT Senior Secondary Networking and Cyber Security Course. This course covers a range of topics that are also present in the Cisco networking qualifications, the Networking specialisation of the Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology (as well as other related VET competencies). This will make access to the course available to all ACT students regardless of the infrastructure available in their local school, and to any other students and teachers in schools or tertiary institutions across Australia that are delivering learning outcomes aligned with the ACT course. $26,000
Maker & Co Collective Pty Ltd The Maker + Co Academy The Maker + Co Academy will connect young people to skills, possibilities and communities centred around STEM, entrepreneurship and creativity. We will combine fun, inclusive hands on sessions in making, creating and tinkering with ongoing opportunities to connect with Maker + Co's established network of inventors, creatives, entrepreneurs and innovators. We will celebrate the skills, creativity and success of our alumni via an annual installation, pitch night or exhibition at Bunbury Fringe Festival.  We will leverage Maker + Co's strong brand, track record of delivery and outstanding network of partners to create immediate impact and sustainable STEM and entrepreneurship engagement for young people in regional WA. $73,950
The Western Sydney Business Connection Incorporated Western Sydney STEM Careers Interactive Series The Western Sydney STEM Careers Interactive Series will provide more than 2,400 year 9 and 10 students from Western Sydney with the opportunity to engage in an industry led program that connects them directly with local STEM aligned industries via an interactive exhibition. $97,000
Ignite VR Virtual Reality exploration and content building workshops This project will develop participants’ ability to create content using technology. Ignite VR will run VR exploration and production workshops in metro and regional areas, building capacity of learners in content creation. Students will use state of the art tools and techniques to capture stories that represent them and their area, with production and finished product to be available in virtual reality. Students will use 360degree capture equipment, editing and distributing content through virtual reality. Workshops focusing on metro and regional schools, students will learn how using innovative technology to share stories creates strong bonds with viewers and how they can use these tools to connect with a wider community. $99,903
The University of Adelaide The University of Adelaide: STEM Academy The STEM Academy is designed to encourage secondary school students across South Australia to engage in STEM subjects and increase their awareness of the breadth of STEM careers available to them. Students will gain access to a range of hands-on workshops, events and interactive exhibitions. The STEM Academy aims to build a diverse community of learners aspiring to follow their passion by fostering a love of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The STEM Academy is inclusive for all students and will have a specialised focus on increasing participation in STEM from underrepresented groups, including students from regional or low socio-economic backgrounds, as well as women and ATSI people. $100,000
International Stem Education Pty Ltd STEM exploration through interactive immersion workshops This project provides secondary (yr9) and primary school (yrs 4/5) students with a structured and fun exploration of the capabilities of STEM. Delivered in universities and primary schools, 9 new 5-day interactive workshops will allow students to interact directly with technology and understand the capabilities of STEM (e.g. how to use computer vision AI). Online pre-learning enhances study allowing all students, regardless of background, to learn on a level field. Maximising skill development and boosting engagement, it also ensures workshops are focused on hands-on learning. High facilitator to student ratios enable students to progress through modules at their own pace as they master new skills and their confidence builds. $100,000
Rotary Club of Corrimal Inc Unlimited (STEM opportunities for students with disabilities) “Unlimited” provides hands-on robotics workshops for students with disabilities. Run by The Rotary Club of Corrimal Inc in partnership with Project Bucephalus, the focus will be on primary and secondary schools in an area between Moss Vale, Bulli and Kiama. The project will involve 2 aspects: A “Travel Class” that rotates between Special Education Units at different schools across the region, a term at a time. A “Base Class” located at a special education school, drawing students from several schools and providing a more customised curriculum for children with greater disability. Workshops will build STEM and life skills as students learn programming, design, and engineering alongside teamwork, problem-solving and communication. $97,737
University of Melbourne University of Melbourne Indigenous STEM Education Program The University of Melbourne Indigenous STEM Education Program (MISEP) is a new program that will include a suite of Indigenous-led, hands-on, curriculum-based science education programs to be delivered to secondary school students in low SES schools in metro Melbourne and regional Victoria. The program will partner with 10 schools, visiting each 3 - 4 times over the two-year program. In total, 1,000-4,000 students will participate in the program. The program themes are Sustainability, Astronomy, Water and Fire. Workshops will incorporate inquiry-based learning and independent research to ensure students gain practical knowledge, and skills in scientific experimentations and design, and academic success. $77,428
The Graham (Polly) Farmer Foundation Incorporated STEM Access Program for Indigenous Students In partnership with Its Rocket Science Adventures, the Graham (Polly) Farmer Foundation will deliver aviation and aerospace STEM innovation workshops for Indigenous students across Alice Springs, Pilbara and Kimberley. Up to 720 Indigenous students in yrs 3–10 from the Foundation’s primary and secondary education programs will benefit from the project. Directly aligned to the Australian Curriculum, students will access industry specialists, make connections to real-world applications of flight, rocketry and space technology to understand how and why things flyvia STEM design and project-based investigations, hear about the latest in aerospace discovery, and learn about career options in aerospace and aviation. $53,305

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