Methane Emissions Reduction in Livestock projects

Grant Recipient Organisation Project Title Grant Amount
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation Productivity, and emission responses to 3NOP in northern Australian grazing $800,000
Agrimix Pty Ltd Impacts of Desmanthus on Productivity, Profitability and GHG Emissions $700,000
FutureFeed Pty Ltd Methane emission reduction and productivity in livestock using Asparagopsis $500,000
Bovine Dynamics Pty Ltd The effect of Asparagopsis on emissions and productivity of Angus cattle $1,000,000
The University of New England Methane mitigation from grazing sheep using red algae (Asparagopsis spp) $500,000
Graincorp Commodity Management (holdings) Pty Ltd Creating stable methane reducing feed supplements for Australian livestock $500,000

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