Applicant details Project title Grant amount
Sea Forest Limited Development of products containing Asparagopsis oil for grazing systems $383,657
University of Melbourne Farm ready solutions to reduce methane emissions in grazing animals $340,818
Department of Primary Industries and Regions Delivery and efficacy of anti-methanogenic additives in grazing sheep $695,909
The University of New England National Sheep Methane Partnership – a delivery solution for grazing sheep $603,050
Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions Evaluating probiotic formulations with smart feeder technologies at grazing $615,000
Mort & Co Lot Feeders Pty Ltd Delivery of 3-NOP in Grazing Systems Using Fodder Cubes $367,186
Direct Injection Systems Pty Ltd uDose – Water Injection Technology to Reduce Methane  in Grazing Animals $367,219
Mort & Co Lot Feeders Pty Ltd Demonstrating Nitrate Adoption in Grazing Systems $387,667
Loam Bio Pty Ltd Low-cost feed additive for reduction of methane emissions in livestock $653,750
Macquarie University ATL-MER: All terrain livestock methane emission reduction $324,864
Department of Regional NSW RFID to assess and refine delivery systems for anti-methanogenic additives $250,000

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