Applicant organisation Grant amount supported (ex GST) Total investment Project title State
Craig International Ballistics Pty Ltd $1,800,000 $5,237,472 Automated High Pressure Composite Ballistic Panel Manufacturing Line QLD
Marand Precision Engineering Pty Ltd $1,756,325 $3,512,650 Development of an integrated welding centre for advanced steel alloys VIC
Thomas Global Systems Pty Ltd $2,099,707 $4,199,414 Military Avionics Capability for Australian Export NSW
Anca Pty Ltd $3,000,000 $8,749,237 Installation Of a Fully Integrated, Designated Defence Manufacturing Cell VIC
Extel Technologies Pty Ltd $1,422,007 $2,844,015 Extel 4.0 Factory of the Future VIC

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