Applicant organisation Grant amount supported (ex GST) Total investment Project title State
M J & B A Nagorcka Pty Ltd $2,400,000 $7,908,290 Waltanna Farmgate High Value Food Production Project VIC
Chobani Pty Ltd $3,339,710 $6,679,421 Australian-first agile production line to drive innovation & export VIC
Bickford's Australia Pty Ltd $2,951,211 $5,902,422 Sensitive Product Manufacturing Facility SA
Patties Foods Pty Limited $4,276,007 $8,552,014 Project A+: Automated Pick & Pack robotics & supporting execution system VIC
H. W. Greenham & Sons Proprietary Limited $10,000,000 $70,457,680 Tongala Meat Processing Plant Transformation VIC
D'Orsogna Limited $2,040,450 $4,080,900 Integration of advanced solutions to manufacture value-added meat products VIC
Stanbroke Beef Pty Ltd $9,934,903 $36,126,918 Value-add facility to expand consumer-ready beef products into value chains QLD
K.L. Ballantyne Proprietary Limited $4,094,200 $8,188,400 Production of extended shelf-life, high value dairy products VIC
S. Smith & Son Pty Limited $2,109,100 $4,218,314 New Market Opportunities for Low and Zero Alcohol Wine Products SA
Casella Wines Pty Limited $3,000,000 $17,500,000 Rutherglen Whiskey Distillery Expansion and Cellar Door Facility VIC

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