Applicant organisation Grant amount supported (ex GST) Total investment Project title State
Hallett Construction Materials Pty Ltd $20,000,000 $109,600,000 Green Cement Framework SA
Selectronic Australia Pty Ltd $7,185,094 $14,370,189 Translating Australian IP to develop a solar energy product ecosystem VIC
Visy Board Proprietary Limited $3,677,700 $7,995,000 A transformational investment to replace polystyrene packaging in Australia VIC
Greentree Enterprises Pty Ltd $1,983,280 $3,966,560 ASRC Solar Effectiveness and Efficiency Project WA
Alcore Limited $7,582,966 $15,165,933 Alcore Aluminium Smelter Bath Waste Recycling Plant TAS
Orora Limited $12,500,000 $130,000,000 Orora Glass Rebuild G3 Furnace with low carbon energy efficient technology SA

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