Applicant Organisation Grant Amount Supported Total Investment Project Description National Manufacturing Priority State
Romar Engineering Pty Ltd $5,850,162 $11,700,325 Space component design, manufacturing and qualification expansion Space NSW
Titomic Pty Ltd $2,325,000 $4,650,000 Space Vehicle Manufacturing Capability for Australian Export Space VIC
Cyclowest Holdings Pty Ltd $2,578,275 $14,122,074 Producing high-value radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostics and therapy Medical Products WA
Noumed Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd $20,000,000 $84,860,000 Noumed - Advancing Australian Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Medical Products SA
Core Lithium Ltd $6,000,000 $12,897,314 Middle Arm Lithium Manufacturing Project (MALM) Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Processing NT
Elphinstone Pty Ltd $5,168,560 $10,337,121 Battery Electric Underground Support Vehicles Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Processing TAS
Flip Screen Australia Pty Ltd $10,000,000 $20,000,000 Flip Screen Expansion to Enable Production of Advanced Mining Equipment Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Processing NSW
Lynas Rare Earths Limited $14,844,464 $29,688,929 Lynas Rare Earth Carbonate Refining Circuit Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Processing WA
Sabrini Foods Pty Ltd $1,472,414 $2,944,828 Development of a specialist dairy plant and range of products Food & Beverage VIC
Plenty Foods Pty Ltd $9,078,321 $18,156,642 Bringing an Australian Plant-based Protein Flour to market Food & Beverage QLD
Mulgowie Fresh Pty Ltd $5,129,450 $10,258,900 Supply value-added fresh corn & beans into domestic & global value chains Food & Beverage QLD
Ennio Pty Limited $1,327,644 $2,655,288 New patented textile technology to increase global competitiveness & sales Food & Beverage SA
Regal Cream Products Pty Ltd $4,575,387 $30,502,581 New Automated All-Australian Premium Ice-Cream Production Facility Food & Beverage VIC
Sullivans Cove Distillery Pty Ltd $3,329,000 $6,658,000 Sullivans Cove state-of-the-art production facility Food & Beverage TAS
 APCA Holdings Pty Ltd  $2,000,000  $8,079,948  Expansion of APCA’s Manufacturing capacity to capture domestic and international growth opportunities.  Food & Beverage  WA
Pact Group Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd $20,000,000 $75,835,376 Invest in world leading technology to expand Australia’s capacity for manufacturing using recycled content and to make more sustainable products. Recycling & Clean Energy NSW, VIC, WA, QLD
Hofmann Engineering Pty Ltd $16,232,861 $32,465,722 Establishment of an advanced sovereign defence manufacturing centre and training facility for apprentices and graduates. Defence WA
The Dynamic Engineering Solution Pty Ltd $5,500,000 $12,396,762 Investment to expand technology and manufacturing capability of advanced vehicle suspension systems for the defence industry. Defence SA

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