Applicant Organisation Grant Amount Supported Total Investment Project Description National Manufacturing Priority State
Effusiontech Pty Ltd $1,256,124 $2,512,249 SPACE3D – Australian Industrial Rocket Engine Component Manufacturing Space NT
Q-CRTL Pty Ltd $4,508,762 $9,017,524 Manufacturing Quantum Sensors for Spaceborne Geomagnetic Survey Space NSW
Avicena Systems Pty Ltd $3,000,000 $6,504,750 Rethinking Molecular Diagnostics – a global opportunity for Australia Medical Products WA
GBS (APAC) Pty Ltd $6,345,029 $12,690,058 PROTISTOS: The Australian Biosensor Development & Manufacturing Facility Medical Products NSW
Vaxxas Pty Ltd $4,447,613 $8,895,226 Manufacturing world-leading patented vaccination technology in Australia Medical Products QLD
Albemarle Lithium Pty Ltd $4,901,488 $10,632,654 Lithium Aluminosilicate (LAS) Aggregate Plant for Battery Minerals Residue Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Processing WA
Australian Vanadium Limited $3,948,583 $7,897,167 Manufacturing of ultra-pure vanadium, electrolytes and vanadium batteries Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Processing WA
Batt Mobile Equipment Pty Ltd $4,553,601 $9,107,202 Heavy battery-electric vehicle manufacture for underground hard rock mines Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Processing NSW
Brisbane METS Lab No. 1 Pty Ltd $1,205,087 $2,410,174 Vanadium Processing Pilot Plant Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Processing QLD
Turbine Sunshine Coast Limited $8,780,000 $17,560,000 Turbine Beverage Cluster – unlocking growth through co-opetition Food & Beverage QLD
Toshiba international corporation Pty Ltd $9,807,972 $19,615,944 Locally Manufactured Advanced Electrolysis & Thermal Storage > low-cost green hydrogen project. Recycling & Clean Energy NSW
Mint Biomining Pty Limited $4,208,800 $8,417,600 Create the world’s first e-waste biorefinery in Australia, to cleanly recover gold, copper, palladium and other valuable metals from the urban mine. Recycling & Clean Energy NSW
Woolpack Australia Pty Ltd $4,831,935 $9,663,871 Open a state of the art, wool manufacturing, processing and R&D facility to turn sheep wool waste into a sustainable packaging alternative to polystyrene. Recycling & Clean Energy NSW
Elexsys R&D Pty Ltd $3,503,622 $7,007,244 Establish a global manufacturing base for its power management system to solve voltage problems. Recycling & Clean Energy QLD
1414 Degrees Limited $2,200,000 $4,855,341 Develop a silicon based thermal energy storage solution. Recycling & Clean Energy SA
REDARC Electronics Pty Ltd $5,000,000 $16,312,716 Development of a next generation portable power and control platform for the defence industry, including building a dedicated production facility. Defence SA

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