Grant recipients

Recipient organisation Project title Project description Grant
amount (excluding GST)
Spiral Blue Pty Ltd Supporting Infrastructure for Space Edge Computing The project will support software infrastructure development to send and update applications on Spiral Blue’s Space Edge Computers. The computers will improve the affordability, flexibility and speed of Earth observation services. Set to fly on two Earth observation cubesats, the software will provide onboard data processing and machine learning driven autonomy. The project will allow Spiral Blue to begin commercial sales for accessing Space Edge at an operational scale, both for satellites in Earth’s orbit and for interplanetary exploration missions. $416,250
Advanced Navigation Pty Ltd Inertial navigation in space by software-enabled quantum-classical sensing The project will support Advanced Navigation and Q-CTRL to undertake critical technical development activity for the development of a novel navigation capability. The companies are collaborating to develop quantum-enhanced navigation systems which address the key challenge of inertial navigation for long-endurance space missions. The technology will deliver a unique Australian capability to launch partner Gilmour Space. The grant will support Advanced Navigation and Q-CTRL’s ambitions to supply the Australian and international space sectors with a world-first offering delivering on critical mission needs. $690,892
Crystalaid Manufacture Pty Ltd Enabling Space Capability The project will support Crystalaid Manufacture to upgrade their organisational capability to enable the supply of componentry to the international space industry. It will also provide the company with the ability to replace and modernise their vacuum vapour phase oven to increase the space manufacturing readiness needed to successfully bid on international space projects. The grant will support Crystalaid Manufacture to meet an identified supply chain opportunity and grow the skills and capability of its manufacturing team. $461,118
Fleet Space Technologies Pty Ltd Space Supply Chain Opportunities Using Low Power Wide Area Networks TThe project will support Fleet Space Technologies and its partners SA Power Networks and Oz Minerals Limited to improve the capabilities, and to demonstrate the viability, of its agnostic hybrid Satellite low-powered wide area network (LPWAN) system for the development of remote massive internet of things (IoT) applications, both on Earth and in space. The companies will collaborate to miniaturise and ruggedize sensors for use in their satellite LPWAN system. The grant will support Fleet Space Technologies to pursue commercial supply chain opportunities with Oz Minerals and SA Power Networks, illustrating a terrestrial application of space technology that can be extended to Moon to Mars activities. $436,770