Intake 1 recipients

Recipient organisation Project Title Project information Grant Amount (ex GST)
Spiral Blue Pty Ltd Supporting Infrastructure for Space Edge Computing The project will support software infrastructure development to send and update applications on Spiral Blue’s Space Edge Computers. The computers will improve the affordability, flexibility and speed of Earth observation services. Set to fly on two Earth observation cubesats, the software will provide onboard data processing and machine learning driven autonomy. The project will allow Spiral Blue to begin commercial sales for accessing Space Edge at an operational scale, both for satellites in Earth’s orbit and for interplanetary exploration missions. $416,250
Advanced Navigation Pty Ltd Inertial navigation in space by software-enabled quantum-classical sensing The project will support Advanced Navigation and Q-CTRL to undertake critical technical development activity for the development of a novel navigation capability. The companies are collaborating to develop quantum-enhanced navigation systems which address the key challenge of inertial navigation for long-endurance space missions. The technology will deliver a unique Australian capability to launch partner Gilmour Space. The grant will support Advanced Navigation and Q-CTRL’s ambitions to supply the Australian and international space sectors with a world-first offering delivering on critical mission needs. $690,892

Intake 2 recipients

Recipient organisation Project Title Project information Grant Amount (ex GST)
Crystalaid Manufacture Pty Ltd Enabling Space Capability The project will support Crystalaid Manufacture to upgrade their organisational capability to enable the supply of componentry to the international space industry. It will also provide the company with the ability to replace and modernise their vacuum vapour phase oven to increase the space manufacturing readiness needed to successfully bid on international space projects. The grant will support Crystalaid Manufacture to meet an identified supply chain opportunity and grow the skills and capability of its manufacturing team. $461,118
Fleet Space Technologies Pty Ltd Space Supply Chain Opportunities Using Low Power Wide Area Networks The project will support Fleet Space Technologies and its partners SA Power Networks and Oz Minerals Limited to improve the capabilities, and to demonstrate the viability, of its agnostic hybrid Satellite low-powered wide area network (LPWAN) system for the development of remote massive internet of things (IoT) applications, both on Earth and in space. The companies will collaborate to miniaturise and ruggedize sensors for use in their satellite LPWAN system. The grant will support Fleet Space Technologies to pursue commercial supply chain opportunities with Oz Minerals and SA Power Networks, illustrating a terrestrial application of space technology that can be extended to Moon to Mars activities. $386,770

Intake 3 recipients

Recipient organisation Project Title Project information Grant Amount (ex GST)
Gilmour Space Technologies Pty Ltd Manufacturing COPVs for Space Applications This project involves the improvement of our manufacturing capability to enable us to deliver qualified COPVs to the aerospace industry. With funding from the Moon to Mars Initiative, Gilmour Space will be recruiting new staff, purchasing new manufacturing and testing hardware, and finalising the development, design and manufacturing processes of our COPVs, ensuring our ability to meet our customer’s requirements.

We are collaborating with Griffith University on research to select optimum industrial manufacturing processes for COPVs. The results of this research will be incorporated into this project.

By supplying COPVs to the space industry, we will diversify our product portfolio and become a more resilient business.
Crystalaid Manufacture Pty Ltd Enabling Manufacturing for Space This project is about equipping the business to provide the necessary equipment and also enhancing our organisational capability to contribute to the space supply chain. In working with an existing US Space Prime on a current opportunity in the space industry, their analysis of our equipment and processes has found there are processes that are required that are not already covered under our AS9100D (aerospace, defence) certification. There were two gaps in the testing requirements for the environment of space which is a requirement of our US Space Prime. $538,882
Black Sky Aerospace Pty Ltd Responsive Common Use Booster using Solid Rocket Fuel This project will produce a commercial ready Responsive Common Use Booster (RCUB) using Solid Rocket Fuel for use in the space industry and M2M program.

The focus of this project is on the portion of solid fuel systems driving high-speed, long-range launch vehicles that is within BSA’s capability set (i.e. propellant manufacture, hardware design and manufacture), and enables strategic partnership around active Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GNC).

Inline with the Australian Civil Space Strategy, this project meets key elements of access to space, leapfrog R&D and export ready space industry.

This project will create 3 FTE high-skilled jobs during the project and up to 124 direct and 162 indirect FTE jobs over the next decade.
Inovor Technologies Pty Ltd Australian Rapid, High-Reliability Satellite Manufacture Capability This project will deliver the first rapid, high-reliability and cost competitive satellite manufacturing capability in Australia. It will position Inovor to provide a world leading service aimed at meeting the international commercial NewSpace market needs, as well as the needs of Australian Government and Defence customers. The project will develop bring up and test infrastructure, software and procedures to improve the spacecraft manufacturing capability at Inovor. It will also investigate and determine optimal design parameters to support the manufacture of reliable space electronics. $750,000

Intake 4 recipients

Recipient organisation Project Title Project information Grant Amount (ex GST)
Stamen Engineering Pty Ltd Toolkit for Risk Assessment & UnCERtainty Quantification for Space Missions Stamen Engineering trading as The Industrial Sciences Group (ISG) will develop a novel Space Mission Analytics Toolkit that will improve the accuracy and lower the risk of complex space missions. This Toolkit will facilitate the new paradigm of space missions that have tighter budgets and shorter time frames than previous government missions by reducing simulation time and replacing existing ad-hoc and non-repeatable processes saving significant time and labour cost.

The Toolkit will reduce uncertainties with spacecraft trajectory design, manoeuvres, low thrust propulsion and reception of tracking data. The project transforms ISG’s experience on multiple bespoke space projects into a commercial product to support the supply chain in the growth market of cislunar and interplanetary space missions.
Infinity Avionics Pty Ltd Modular Imaging Unit (MIU) for Space Applications Infinity Avionics (IA) is developing a Modular Imaging Unit (MIU) for Space Applications which builds on the proof of concept technology already developed. The MIU is the baseline product to provide to its customers off-the-shelf, plug and play imaging sensors for Earth Observation, Space-Based Space-Surveillance, lander and rover missions as part of the Moon to Mars initiatives. The innovation is in the modular nature of the proposed system where optical units and image sensor options can be mixed and matched to suit the target application. The intended outcome is a TRL8 qualified imaging system to meet the needs of the identified supply chain opportunity. $456,323
Blueprint Lab Pty Ltd Space-optimised manipulator for in-orbit and rover foundation services The project will support Blueprint Lab to transfer their advanced robotic manipulator technology into the space domain by carrying out space hardening and space optimisation activities. Specifically, the project will comprise addressing radiation and thermal requirements, optimisation for launch and zero-g operations, and a comprehensive reliability improvement program. The manipulators will provide a high-performance solution for international space supply chains requiring technology for in-orbit services and rover foundation services. The project will support Blueprint Lab’s commercial plans to offer in-orbit servicing manipulator technology to several emerging opportunities. $317,844

Intake 5 recipients

Recipient organisation Project Title Project information Grant Amount (ex GST)
NextAero Pty Ltd Enhanced high-pressure cryogenic enabled test stands for liquid rockets The project will support NextAero to enhance the capability and performance envelope of its cryogenic enabled liquid rocket test infrastructure, building on its skills in liquid rocket propulsion systems, aerospace engineering, systems modelling and advanced manufacturing. From an existing capability to test small scale R&D prototype 1-3 kN thrust engines, NextAero will design, manufacture and validate short duration (SDTS) 10s and long duration (LDTS) 30-120s Test Stands to meet the opportunities identified by its National and International customers. The project will deliver an economic and design review of a >30 kN High Thrust Test Stand (HTTS) to allow for future testing of engines more representative of those used in small launchers. $1,000,000
Conflux Technology Pty Ltd RHXP (Rocket Heat Exchanger Production) The RHXP project will build on the successful establishment of the Conflux Technology Additive Manufacturing Engineering Centre (AMEC). It consists of two parallel streams to translate Conflux’s innovative additive manufactured (AM) heat exchange development program into a commercialised world leading product.

The first stream, Qualification, will embed the patented Conflux Core Thermal Management (TM) technology within a customer’s gas’ duct for a rocket engine and qualify the combined technologies from technology readiness level (TRL) 5 through to TRL 6 ready for TRL 7 system prototype demonstration in an operational environment.

The second stream, Production, will see the purchase and commissioning of a dedicated AM machine, combined with post processing and quality control to enable the production of both qualification and production articles.
Skykraft Pty Ltd Upgrading advanced attitude determination and control systems (ADCS) This grant will enable Skykraft to service both domestic and international civil and defence markets and supply various high technology level opportunities including optical remote sensing by growing the capability of Skykraft’s sovereign, in-house designed spacecraft platform. By developing Skykraft’s existing proprietary Attitude Determination and Control System (ADCS) into a high fidelity and accurate pointing system, Skykraft will be able to meet significant global New Space Market needs which are adjacent to their core business of Air Traffic Management. This project will include the design, development and build of software and hardware, on-ground testing programmes and in-orbit qualification and TRL development activities. $978,000 Pty Ltd Design, Construction & Commissioning of a Mobile Launch Rail SouthernLaunch’s project is to complete the design requirements of a world-class mobile launch rail, contract out construction of the rail and undertake finalisation including commissioning of the rail. The mobile launch rail will cater for a range of rocket designs and be used to launch sub-orbital vehicles ranging in mass from 20kg to 3,500kg. The rail will be Project Managed in Adelaide and the manufacturing will be awarded to local companies based on a competitive tender process.

The launch rail will be mobile to enable SouthernLaunch to launch at either our Koonibba Test Range (KTR) near Ceduna SA or the Whalers Way Orbital Launch Complex, south of Port Lincoln SA.
Valiant Space Pty Ltd Delivering a Sovereign In-Space Propulsion Capability This project will enable Valiant Space to deliver non-toxic propulsion to domestic and international customers by overcoming barriers to market entry. The project will cover three main focus areas: fly, scale, and deliver. Valiant will conduct two demonstration spaceflights of the VS-1 non-toxic thruster hardware during the project. Production capabilities will be up-scaled through the implementation of AS9100D processes, procurement of manufacturing assets, and verified by a pathfinder production run. Customer support processes will be developed, prior to initial VS-1 delivery after project completion. The project will conclude with the end-to-end establishment of a sovereign, non-toxic propulsion supply chain capability. $750,000
EvokeEdge Pty Ltd TinySpaceML Platform for Edge Computing in Space EvokeEdge will be delivering Trusted Autonomy for human performance & Zero Trust Security utilizing Tiny Machine Learning in a low/no gravity environment utilizing on-board edge computing for inference and training. Collaboration with Thales Space JV, Microsoft Azure. Space and space agencies including NASA to deliver their Tiny Machine learning Operations (TinyMLOps for Space) for edge computing in support of Astronaut Identity, Status and Safety. $750,000

Intake 6 recipients

No funding was offered under intake 6 of the Moon to Mars Supply Chain Capability Improvement grant program.

Intake 7 recipients

Recipient organisation Project title Project information Grant Amount (ex GST)
VXB Aerospace Pty Ltd Commercialisation of the EXB500 and EXB1200 Hall Effect propulsion systems VXB Aerospace is developing innovative Hall Effect propulsion systems for small satellites.
They can be built to specific spacecraft requirements with a 5x reduction in lead time compared to other systems.
This project will support VXB Aerospace in commercialising the thrusters so that they can tap into the global spacecraft supply chain.
The thrusters are enabled by novel AI and advanced manufacturing techniques that will make production low-cost without affecting high performance - making them safe and accessible to a wide range of spacecraft.
Extraterrestrial Power Scaling up extraterrestrial thin silicon solar cell manufacturing Extraterrestrial Power’s mission is to provide affordable power in space. There is a massive growth in the number of satellites being launched, and they are all powered by solar cells. This project will support Extraterrestrial Power to scale up the manufacturing of their unique, thin silicon solar cells that are 10x times more cost efficient compared to existing space solar cells on the market. $607,117

Intake 8 recipients

Recipient organisation Project title Project information Grant Amount (ex GST)
High Earth Orbit Robotics Pty Ltd Next Generation, Australian Space Based Telescopic Camera Production The project supports NSW-based High Earth Orbit Robotics Pty Ltd to develop advanced cameras for imaging satellites from satellites in space - supporting various applications such as monitoring space debris, surveillance of space objects and ensuring safe and sustainable use of space. The funding will strengthen Australian sovereign manufacturing of aerospace grade equipment and open up international supply chain opportunities. $742,164
Neumann Space Pty Ltd Australian Spacecraft Electric Propulsion Manufacturing Capability The project will enable Neumann Space to locally develop (in South-Australia) a world-class spacecraft electric propulsion manufacturing and test facility, unique in Australia, to support national and international space missions. This will enhance the Australian industry capability and capacity to meet the growing supply chain demands in the domestic and international space industry for Neumann Space’s patented pulsed Cathodic arc thruster technology. $1,000,000
Arlula Pty Ltd Automated Data Normalisation and Processing for Satellite Imaging Programmes Arlula is developing new technologies to standardise satellite imagery between different Earth Observation (EO) spacecraft. This will allow people to more effectively integrate the imagery in areas such as agriculture, mining and natural disaster management. $427,500
Quickstep Technologies Pty Ltd Spacecraft Structural Panel Manufacturing Capability Quickstep's project will establish an advanced spacecraft sandwich composite structure manufacturing capability. This will enhance existing aerospace composite manufacturing expertise and enable the NSW-based Quickstep to develop and manufacture advanced composite structures for manned and unmanned spacecraft for supply into space supply chains and support NASA's Moon to Mars ambitions. Near-term supply chain opportunities for this capability would have Quickstep-produced composite structures in geosynchronous orbit by 2027. $1,000,000
Human Aerospace Pty Ltd Compression Garment and 3D Body Scanning Technology for Human Spaceflight This project will spin in commercial 3D body scanning technologies to space, supporting the design, development, and manufacturing of compression garments. New knowledge of space physiology and deconditioning will be enabled, with improved countermeasures for future missions to maintain astronaut health. New terrestrial medical applications will also be realised, further bolstering innovation and international supply chain opportunities for VIC based Human Aerospace. $493,799

Intake 9 recipients

Recipient organisation Project title Project information Grant Amount (ex GST)
P.W.R. Performance Products Pty Ltd Micro Matrix Heat Exchangers for Space (MMX-S) The project will support Australian-based PWR Performance Products Pty Ltd (PWR) to develop and manufacture their proprietary Micro Matrix Heat Exchanger (MMX) for space applications. The PWR brand is globally recognised for their cutting-edge thermal management products, which are currently used in Formula 1, Aerospace and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) automotive. PWR’s MMX technology has been proven in these sectors and variants of the technology present a large opportunity for global export when used in complex thermal management systems for spacecraft and supporting platforms. PWR will optimise materials and processes to advance Technology Readiness Level (TRL) to ensure MMX resilience in extreme environmental and thermal conditions, suitable for critical support systems in space. $985,000
Nextaero Pty Ltd Cryogenic Hydrogen and Methane R&D Capability for Spacecraft The project will support Victorian-based NextAero to meet the needs of national and international space customers who require capability in advanced fuels, such as liquid hydrogen and methane. It will enable the design, manufacture and validation of cutting-edge fuel systems that are predicted to be central to next generation high-performance and sustainable spacecraft and rocket systems. The project will enhance an Australian owned commercial propulsion testing capability that brings international R&D work to Australia and also generates spin-off opportunities for clean energy solutions based on hydrogen. $1,000,000
Valiant Space Pty Ltd Enabling Production of Sovereign Solenoid Valves for Space The grant will support Valiant Space to address the growing space supply chain demand for reliable and high-quality fluid control components. In particular, the project will see the expansion of design tailoring, advanced manufacturing, and qualification capabilities for the company’s Coaxial Solenoid Valve products. This will culminate in a wide range of space qualified fluid control solutions that meet customer’s supply chain needs, for use in both domestic and international space missions. $841,875
Quantx Labs Pty Ltd Manufacturing facility for space-based, photonic technologies SA-based QuantX will establish a hybrid advanced manufacturing facility for cutting edge and innovative photonics manufacturing in Australia. The facility and processes built will support in-country manufacturing of quantum capable, precision timing and sensing systems that are miniaturised and reliable. These systems are critical to support time keeping, sensing and navigation in space and on Earth. $532,222

Intake 10 recipients

Recipient organisation Project title Project information Grant Amount (ex GST)
Vyom Tech Pty Ltd Kosmosuit: Integrated Commercial Spacesuit Platform (ICSP) This project is intended to improve the technology readiness level of the Kosmosuit, an integrated spacesuit platform with applications in extreme environments across multiple sectors. The project aims to establish connectivity between the suit’s subsystems and the proprietary bioastronautics interface, which will be deployed at the Saber Responsive Space Operations Centre. The project builds an internal automated capability that further enhances the space suit production capacity. $250,000
Gilmour Space Technologies Pty Ltd Sovereign Space Avionics: GNSS Receiver QLD-based Gilmour Space, in collaboration with the University of New South Wales, will co-develop an Australian made aerospace-grade Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver suitable for a range of civil, commercial and defence applications, e.g., for position, navigation and timing. The GNSS receiver is a proven technology success story from UNSW that will benefit from Gilmour’s advanced space manufacturing expertise and commercialisation efforts. $808,500
Valiant Space Pty Ltd Expanding Australia's Sovereign In-space Propulsion Capability Non-toxic propulsion systems are critical for sustainable and responsible use of space. This grant will enable Valiant Space to mature its expanded line of non-toxic thrusters, designed to support space missions from CubeSats to large interplanetary spacecraft. The development will also serve to enhance Australia’s sovereign space manufacturing capability to compete and collaborate in the international market. $934,500

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