Project Title Organisation Project Summary Funding
Palliative care suite gardens Kimba District Hospital Ladies Auxiliary Building private gardens adjoining the Kimba District Hospital palliative care suite, to provide physical and emotional support to clients and families. Activities include: erection of external fencing, veranda, privacy screens and ground cover. $35,400
Resurfacing of netball, basketball and tennis courts Kimba Districts Football and Netball Club Incorporated Resurfacing of Kimba Districts netball courts (3), basketball courts (2) and tennis courts (4) with multi-sport high performance acrylic surface. Replacement of semi-permanent netball sheds, for player and spectator safety and amenity. $52,193
Building an Interpretative and Showroom Centre Kimba & Gawler Ranges Historical Society Inc Building an Interpretative and Showroom Centre at the Kimba and Gawler Ranges Museum, to improve visitor experience and increase visitor numbers. The new facility will include a visitor interpretive centre, office facility, fireproof document storage and retail area. $229,985
Kimba Medical Centre Upgrade District Council of Kimba Major refurbishment and extension of the Kimba Medical Centre, to provide modern fit-for-purpose facilities for high quality service provision to the community. Improved facilities will better accommodate residential and visiting health professionals, and include provision for allied health, dentistry and other medical services. The facility will include: expanded and new consult rooms, new meeting room/kitchenette, additional toilets with disabled access, and extended car parking at the rear of the building. $748,614
Mobile commercial kitchen trailer/caravan Lions Club Of Kimba Inc Purchase of a new mobile commercial kitchen trailer/caravan, for use at a wide variety of community events – from movie nights to disaster and emergency situations. The fit-for-purpose vehicle will meet food safety standards, and provide for increased fundraising opportunities for the Lions Club to re-invest in Kimba. $100,430
Growing Workshop26 - Kimba's Creative Quarter Workshop26 Incorporated Expansion of rental space at Workshop26, to grow and support more creative micro-businesses and in turn the economic strength of the community. Three additional fitted-out shipping containers will be added to meet demand, as well as a fourth container for storage. Expanding the hub of creative and retail businesses at Workshop26 will in turn increase its tourism appeal and patronage. $38,682
Buckleboo Cricket Club Training facility Buckleboo Cricket Club Incorporated Construction of a new cricket practice training facility, to provide safe and high quality facilities for members and the broader community. The two-net facility will meet South Australian Cricket Association standards, and provide for increased skill development and enjoyment of the game, as well as increased membership. $54,680
Kimba Bakery C.C. JOHNSON & CO. PTY. LTD. Establishment of a full in-store scratch bakery in the Kimba IGA supermarket, filling an identified residential and visitor service gap in the district. Activities include: demolition, plumbing and electrical; purchase and installation of bakery equipment; and, staff recruitment, induction and training. $141,667
The Big Galah Goes Global Trevnett Pty Ltd (as trustee for Trevnett Family Trust) Rejuvenation of the 8-metre tall Big Galah sculpture, to promote further community pride in and increased visitation to the iconic nationally-recognised landmark. The public art project will see the sculpture repainted and enhanced with mosaic highlights developed through community engagement in facilitated artistic workshops. The Big Galah will then be digitised, bringing it to life when viewed through a smartphone and engaging a broader spectrum of visitors. $57,838
Audio system Kimba Pony Club Incorporated Purchase of an audio system for use at Kimba Pony Club equestrian events, as well as community events and functions. $5,939
Connecting community through education and resilience building Kimba Mental Health and Wellbeing Group Inc Delivery of a three-layered mental health and wellbeing project, aimed at community education, building resilience, connection and taking care of yourself programs and events, and continued improvement of local services and help. Activities include: mental health first aid and Emotional CPR courses; one on one therapy sessions; targeted workshops on mediation, conflict resolution, and increasing social cohesiveness; education sessions and resilience programs; and, set up of a Wellbeing Hub and place for connection. $75,730
Kimba RSL Club facility upgrade Returned and Services League Kimba Subbranch Upgrade of the Kimba RSL Club facilities, to improve member and visitor safety, health and amenity. Activities include: construction of disabled bathroom facilities, ceiling replacement, and upgraded kitchen and bar area. $103,160
Future workforce and training plan District Council of Kimba Development of a Future Workforce and Training Plan, to identify current and future skill sets required in the district, particularly to maximise local opportunity and generate future growth. $68,250
Economic Development Officer District Council of Kimba Engagement of an Economic Development Officer to work with community and business to build capacity, coordinate communications, assist with project management and maximise employment prospects to further economic development in the district. $184,167
Tools for Kimba Men’s Shed Kimba Men's Shed Inc Purchase of new tools for the Kimba Men’s Shed, to grow membership base and expand the range of projects delivered. $7,125
Junior Football mentoring Program Kimba Districts Football and Netball Club Incorporated Delivery of a mentoring program for young people aged 14-16, to build resilience and confidence. Activities include: facilitated sessions and mentoring by matched senior role model. $10,500
Better management and abilities for Buckleboo Farm Improvement Group Kimba Community Development Group Inc Provision of governance and executive support to Buckleboo Farm Improvement Group, to build management and organisational capability. 10,640
Audio and visual meeting room refit Muffolphin Pty Ltd (as trustee for Barford Family Trust) Audio and visual refit of the main function room of the Kimba Gateway Hotel, to modernise and expand conferencing and event capacity for community groups and business. $75,000

Hawker (Wallerberdina Station)

Project Title Organisation Project Summary Funding
Upgrade of clubhouse facilities and road sheeting Quorn Pistol and Shooting Club Incorporated Upgrade of the Quorn Pistol and Shooting Club and access track, to improve visitor safety, amenity and increase visitation including competitions. Activities include: installation of veranda, insulation and cladding of internal walls and ceiling, and stainless steel cladding on kitchen work benches and wall surfaces. The access track will be upgraded with installation of drainage and sheeting. $34,754
Quorn tennis and netball clubroom upgrade Quorn Community Sporting Association Inc Installation of outdoor blinds on Quorn tennis and netball club pergola, to improve player and visitor safety, health and amenity. $16,793
Quorn Bowling Club facility upgrade Quorn Bowling Club Inc Upgrade of the Quorn bowling club, to improve member and visitor safety, health and amenity. The ceiling will be replaced with modern and lighter material, and LED lights and new emergency exit lights installed. $25,600
Preserving historic Foster’s Store ROVESA Pty Ltd (as trustee for Brown Family Trust) Replacement of the roof on the historic Fosters Store, to protect and preserve the building’s unique heritage features. $50,530
Quorn Hospital nurses accommodation Quorn Auxiliary Commissioning of three newly built accommodation units, onsite at the Quorn Hospital, to provide comfortable and safe accommodation for nursing staff. Activities include: erection of decking and fencing, installation of air-conditioning, preparation of car park area, and installation of a three-bay carport. $71,492
Revitalisation of Hawker Memorial Hospital grounds Hawker Hospital Auxiliary Landscaping of Hawker Memorial Hospital grounds, to improve patient, staff and visitor safety, health and amenity. Activities include: concreting, ground resurfacing, plantings, fence renewal, installation of systematic rain watering capability, and upgraded night lighting. $40,379
Retractable green shade for Hawker Bowling Club Hawker Community Sports Centre Inc The installation of retractable shade cover over the greens of the Hawker Bowling Club, to improve member and visitor safety and comfort. The shade cover will reduce heat and ultraviolet radiation year round making the greens more usable in extreme temperatures. $244,650
Restore historic Hawker Railway Station water tank Hawker Community Development Board Incorporated Restoration of the heritage-listed Hawker Railway Station water tank, to increase the tourism value of the significant Hawker landmark. Activities include: repair and repainting of the tank in original heritage colours, and reinstatement of original marketing decals. $32,180
Northern Flinders Ranges Pastoral Business Review Project Outback Communities Authority Engaging Rural Business Support to extend the successful Farm Business Strategic Review and Drought program, to assist 20 pastoral businesses in the northern Flinders Ranges. The early engagement program uses proven tools and on-farm support, to overcome fundamental barriers to adoption of best practice and assist farming families to improve productivity and profitability. $200,000
Promotion of our region Flinders Ranges Tourism Operators Association Incorporated Improved marketing and promotion capability for the Flinders Ranges Tourism Operators Association, to better promote tourism and visitation to the region. Activities include: purchase of back light media wall displays and production of interchangeable banners with targeted hero imagery, purchase of lockable heavy-duty trailer for storage and transport of marketing material and equipment, and website and social media management. $52,500
Feasibility Study - Hawker Geotourism and Visitor Centre The Flinders Ranges Council Implementation of a comprehensive feasibility study, conducted by a suitably credentialed consultant, to determine optimum business plan, location, design and resources needed to establish a high-quality tourism business hub in the Flinders Ranges’ town of Hawker. The study will also assess the economic impact of operating the proposed centre. $100,000
Flinders Ranges tourist trail The Flinders Ranges Council Development of a 290km self-drive / ride tourist trail in the Flinders Ranges by placing interpretive signs at points of interest along the route accompanied by a descriptive map available as a brochure and online. $187,110
Drought, Grants and Publicity Support Officer The Flinders Ranges Council Engagement of Drought, Grants and Publicity Support Officer, to facilitate promotion and communications to ensure that Council and the community have opportunity and capacity to access available funding and support programs. $82,259
The Flinders Ranges Council Streetscapes Masterplan - Stage 1 The Flinders Ranges Council Installation of Hawker entryway signage, as Stage 1 of the 10-year Streetscapes Masterplan. Large and distinctive entry signage on Wilpena Pound Road and Flinders Ranges Way, will improve the aesthetic and appeal of the town entry for tourists and residents (existing and new). Activities also include greening and landscaping, in Bush Food Capital theming. $265,000
Heysen Trail signage, bathrooms, drinking water and trail management HAL Nominees Pty Ltd Upgraded facilities at Pichi Richi Park, for use by Heysen Trail walkers and park guests. Activities include: upgrading bathroom facilities, increasing rainwater holding capacity to provide drinking water for trail walkers, and improved trail signage. The trail will also be managed where it runs through the Pichi Richi Park, including trail marker upkeep, removal of fallen trees and branches, noxious weed control and trail and asset inspection as required. $47,713
Quorn Lions Park Agricultural Museum The Flinders Ranges Council Major restoration of the Quorn Lions Park Agricultural Museum, to preserve its nationally significant and extensive collection of agricultural machinery and increase the appeal of and visitation to the park. Project elements include: formalised vehicle access and entry with signage, new shelter with paving and picnic setting, landscaping with native plantings, sealed circuit pathway through the path, machinery collection positioned on display pods with signage and historical information, and a pedestrian connection to provide safe access to the park and access to the Heysen Trail and the Bush Tucker Trail (under construction). $349,040
Flinders Ranges Council Main Streets Facelift The Flinders Ranges Council An incentive scheme delivered by The Flinders Ranges Council, to provide for buildings in the main streets of Hawker, Quorn and Cradock to receive a ‘facelift’. Matched funding will be made available to owners of properties in need of maintenance along key high traffic areas, and to paint building facades using heritage or other colours appropriate to the area. The project will provide a significant visual lift to the streetscapes in the towns, enhancing the region’s tourism and residential appeal. $200,000

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